Thursday, May 3, 2012

Where the hell is....

Probably should have cleared out that purse dearie!

So I wandered over to the haven this afternoon.  I didn't intend to cap yet, but figured I would check and see if they've made any headway on their 'issues'.  No such luck, so I posted my version of the issue (having to log in twice) and the system I used to log in (Chrome in "Incognito" mode).

On a lark, I went to check out the monthly caption competition.  I didn't enter last month, but was still curious to see the winners.  When I saw that this month's contest was up, I checked it out and saw that they were going 'old school' and instead of giving us a broad subject to cap in, they were providing us pictures and letting us write any story.  One thing that really struck me before even glancing at the photos was "Try taking a different writing approach".  I'm always (well... almost always) willing to give something a try and love pushing my own boundaries, so I took a look.  Most of the images didn't say anything to me, but this one... well obviously she is looking for the device to change her back.

Now obviously there isn't much story here.  In fact if you didn't know this was a TG cap or what the Medallion of Zulo was, you probably wouldn't understand it beyond a woman looking through per purse for a piece of jewelry.  But I thought it was kinda fun going though my head and imagining what all a woman would bring to the beach or keep in her purse.  The design really came from "Evie's Fantasy" as having the text flow around the picture would work a lot better than having a blog of text that is nothing more than a list of things in her purse.  Plus having it this way let me emphasize some of the 'stranger' things our heroine found.


  1. When I saw this at the haven, I couldn't help but laugh. Of course, I'm at school so the laugh was quiet and mostly in my head. Still very funny caption! I like how certain items seem to glow. Is that a deliberate effect or just because of the larger font size

  2. Thanks Kyra. That's the effect I wanted! All of the white text actually has a slight glow effect to it. Its the same level of glow, so on the smaller text its harder to see. But even on the smaller text, it should give it a slightly 'fuzzy' effect.

    1. Ah, I see it now. I'm using my phone so its hard to notice on the smaller text. Plus, everything is so easy to read I didn't need to open it in another window.