Wednesday, May 2, 2012

LtSL: Practice

Practice makes Perfect!

Another fun picture that screamed out 'Cap Me', but provided little to now story value.

A little bit of this comes from my desire to write more about what happens AFTER the transformation.  You all know I have a bit of an oral fetish,  Nothing says putting a sissy in her place more than giving head to a 'Real Man'.  This can be her master, a stranger, or something that I'm coming to really like... the male lover of her mistress.

I think that last bit is coming from reading Saragirl's Sissy Confessions.  Saragirl is a devoted sissy to her wife.  Most of her stories and blog posts center around her submitting herself to her wife, but most of it is through chastity and cuckolding.  And even though I don't personaly have a strong attraction to either of those fetishes, I can certainly see the appeal.

The way that Saragirl writes out her stories is just wonderful.  I've read her stories on fictionmania, and even just bought a story of hers for the kindle.  Admittedly my favorites are ones dealing with the heroine pleasing a man, but Saragirl's writing is so good that I even love the stories involving a mother in law training the new sissy through cuckolding and chastity.   If you have a chance, check out her blog, and buy some of her stories.  They're well worth the money!


  1. I think this would quickly become the highlight of my day! I just love the girl's expression in the picture.

    I really enjoy Saragirl's blog too! The things she writes are just so squirmy even when its not my usual cup of tea.

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  3. I don't think I have to tell you how much I love this sissy requirement, especially given my Sissy Appreciation Blowjobs series.