Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ready or Not

It's time to show off a bit!

So I'm looking for images to make a cap for Smitty and I come across this lovely little number.  The story that came to mind was almost exactly what I have as the last paragraph.  Short, simple.... and just a little lacking.   I made this design up with just that bit of story, but it really felt like I was leaving far to much up in the air.  

So I went back and wrote out something a little longer.  I tried to show the slow development of Caitlyn.  But when all was said and done, I had just about twice as much text that ended up in the cap.  I had tipped the scale to far in the other direction.  So I went through and edited it down to what I hope is a reasonable amount.  


  1. I think you trimmed the story perfectly :)

    The model is wonderfully suited to the premise, and the story fits her pose and expression beautifully.

    Wonderful effort!


  2. A wonderful story. It seems that she's in a fair bit of denial about her situation. Not acknowledging that hormones aren't exactly temporary, and saying she doesn't want it while baring her breasts to the delivery men.