Thursday, May 3, 2012

Monthly Report - April 2012

Serving up 252,447/166,597 Pages
So Simone made a post about the page views on her blog for the month of April, and I really liked the idea.  I'm often curious what caps are viewed on other blogs, and I know I'm not the only gal interested in numbers.  So I figured why not steal the idea, and do something similar.

Before I get down to the hard numbers, I want to say that I'll be using Google Analytics for this.  The reason being is that I can more accurately define what information I want to look at.  Using GA I can look at data specifically from April 1, 2012 to April 30, 2012.  Using the 'Stats' included in blogger, I can only look at the last 'month'.   Beyond the acuracy of the dates, is the accuracy of the numbers.  I've watched the number of page views on caps change.  Yeah yeah, they tend to go up... even old caps.  But using bloggers stats, I've also seen them go down.  So far as I know, there is no method for people to UNview a page.

But that's not to say that I won't share some of the stats from blogger.  I do that mainly for comparison sake.  Google Analytics always gives me more views.  But most bloggers that give stats, give their blogger stats.  So while Google Analytics reports that I've had 2,093,141 total page views, Blogger stats reports only 1,477,996 all time page views.

So first, April's big numbers:
  • Total Page Views:  252,447/166,597
  • Total Visits: 42,586 (Averaging 5.93 views per visit)
  • 38,514 Visits were from refferals
  • 3,169 Visits were direct traffic
  • 903 found their way here via search
    • Common search terms were: caitlyns masks, cum diet, caitlyn masks, bubble butts and fuskator
April 2012, by any measure was my biggest month ever.  Using the blogger stats as a measuring stick, my previous best months were February of 2012 at 116,641 page views, and February of 2011 at 112,323 page views.  Since opening up shop, I've averaged around 80,000 page views a month.  So doubling my average makes me very happy.

I think the biggest contributing factor to this surge was simple. I made 36 posts in 30 days.  I haven't averaged more than one post per day in a month since I finished adding all of my older caps.

Now before I go into page views of specific caps, lets talk about how viewership works for caps.  Once posted, a caps views spike up pretty high, but views quickly dies down.  Very few caps get 0 page views a day.  I'm sure some of that is just search bots looking through every singe page.  Even an old cap (I specifically looked at "The Drawing Tablet" which was posted back in August of 2011) still gets between 1 and 10 page views a day. 

Here is what it looks like over a month (this is for the cap "The Journal"):

You can see on the day it posted, it spiked up to just over 1400 page views.  But at the end of the line it was still getting just under 30 page views a day.  So while older caps will get a slight advantage, only caps posted in the last couple days will be at a real 'disadvantage' for making the top 5.

Without further delay, here is the top 5 viewed caps of April, 2012:

  1. Make Up Your Mind Quickly - 6520
  2. The Journal - 4940
  3. Happily Ever After - 4788
  4. Employment... Plus Bonuses - 4764
  5. This is how to treat her Right! - 4395
My particular favorites (in no particular order) this month were:
  • Evie's Fantasy - 1828
    • This was just a really new experience for me.  Finding a set of images that had so much built in space for text, writing it panel by panel without an idea of how the story would go, making it into a video, and of course all the wonderful humbling comments I got from it. 
  • real cocks are to be pleased - 1509
    • Certainly not my most creative story or design, but the part about saying that mantra while watching cocks in various forms still makes me squirm.
  • A Dare is a Dare - 3125
    • The design was simple enough, but that picture just bowls me over.
  • Dream a little Dream - 2753
    • Same here... that picture just hits the right spot
None of my faves made the top 5 (not even the top 10).  But this isn't all that surprising to me.  The caps I tend to like the most are more often than not, further outside the box.  I can find a smutty picture, write a smutty story and do a simple design in my sleep.  More often than not, the caps that get the most views are ones that are smutty and have a little effort put into the writing.  . 

Evie's Fantasy is the perfect example.  It's a design style that I rarely use, its fairly clean (not smutty), and it has spurred wonderful comments from one of my primary targets... fellow cappers.  but where "The Journal" had a peak of 1443 page views on its first day, and 1208 on its second, "Evie's Fantasy" peaked at 827 page views, and dropped down to 571 the next day.  And it's leveling out now.  It will take a very long time for it to get up to the 4000 page view mark.  "The Journal" received 4 comments (a little better than average), where "Evie's Fantasy" received 11 comments (not including my own comments).

Back on to the month.  I did complete a full redesign of the blog which I'm fairly proud of.  I added a page as a kind of biography.  I had a great discussion about animated caps that spurred on its own post.  And I even set up a universe that I can play in and make caps for fairly often.

Anywho... that's about all I have to share at the moment.  What do you think?  Was there a particular cap that you liked this month?  Was there one that you didn't like?  A discussion that liked or didn't like?


  1. I have two favorite caps this month. The first is Love Binds us All, for obvious reasons :p. The second is Evies Fantasy. I don't think I've ever seen a caption like that before, the design is so simple and yet so elegant and it captures so many emotions both with and without the music you set it to.

    I've said it before, but I really enjoy the shop talk discussions even if I can't understand all of it. Hopefully I can glean enough to make my work a little bit better.

    Oh, and I love the LTSL universe you created!

  2. Congratulations on the page views and visits. You make a good point though about the amount of posts you post = + visitors. The hardest part is to keep it up. Good job.