Sunday, May 27, 2012

He Simply Couldn't Refuse

Beware how you 'train' you lover when he can't refuse anyone!

Now this cap, unlike "Caitalyna" is the opposite of a quicky.  I actually found this image the other night and even got a basic story for it, but I knew it would be fairly long and I just wasn't up for making something this in depth.  So I saved the image and hoped that I would be up to writing it out later.

Come to this morning and I pull the image up and get to work.  The basic idea I had was a man gets sent to 'The Farm' for training by his girlfriend.  There they change him into a sexy woman so that he can become a submissive girl but they make him a little too submissive and he falls for another girl there who is being taught to be dominant.

Most of that comes through, but as I was setting it up I figured I had to have a reason for his girlfriend to send him in. That's where his friends came in.  But I wanted this to be a 'guy in over his head' type setting... so I had the friends more or less coerce him to go against his girlfriend.  And when I had her send him to this place, I wanted it to be more than just a girlfriend... so she morphed into a fiance.  I think that explained his willingness to stay a little more.

But I realized that I had also set up his inability to refuse anybody.  His friends were concerned because he never stood up to his finance.  He couldn't refuse her.  So they got him to go out with them instead... because he couldn't refuse them.  So she tells him that he needs therapy to be a better husband and he not only goes, but stays for the treatment... because he couldn't refuse her.

At that point I dropped the idea of him being trained to be submissive... no that would be his own undoing.  The other girl just accepted him for what he naturally was, but where everyone else in his life was trying to get him to be a 'better' person, she would use his submissiveness to her advantage.

I have to admit that I had myself squirming near the end of the story.  So hopefully if you like what I like, you'll get a good kick out of this too.


  1. One of the best captions I've read in a long time!

  2. I've always enjoyed the idea of submitting to another would be sissy. It was some of my favorite theme's year's ago.

    this one Was very well told and I loved how he was too weak to say now. but I also like the abandoned idea of a dominate girl, and submissive sissy classes. I could see some fun situations in a mixed school like that.

  3. Great story hun!!