Saturday, May 5, 2012

Call Me Maybe

Another challenge met.

 So Angel sent me another drunken caption challenge.  To make a cap based around the song and/or music video for Carly Rae Jepsen's "call me maybe".

The video is kind of cute.  It's about a girl trying to get the attention of her neighbor as she dreams about him.  The song itself... well... its not my kind of song.  Very poppy and happy, and very very repetitive lyrics.   I didn't see much inspiration coming from the lyrics, so instead I focused on the video.  Obviously I had to make the girl a former guy, so I figured why not a magic wielding step mother.  Mm... and a mistaken wish? Yea, he wants to be and act more attractive for the girl living next door, but his step mom hears him wrong and makes him be and act more attractive to their other neighbor.  A boy.

With that basic story line, I just needed some pictures.  Ideally I wanted one of her looking out a window, one of her washing a car, and one of her screwing (Angel thought it might not be possible to be erotic in this caption and I intended to show her that it was indeed possible).  The image I found in the first panel was found rather quickly.  And I think it really matched the tone I was going for.  Having her body keep trying to attract the boy while she tries to think her way out of it.

After that image it was easy to find pictures of girls washing cars... but they looked NOTHING like the girl in the first panel.  After awhile I was almost ready to ditch the first picture when I realized I could simply match up body types.  Similar to how I made the pregnant picture fit into "All the Options"  With that in mind, the second image was quickly found.   Sure, she wasn't washing a car, but I could make it work.

The last picture though was harder to match.  I thought maybe if I found a sexy brunette and cropped her eyes out, that I could match her to the first image.  But after looking at dozens of photos, I couldn't find a single one that wasn't obviously different (at least obviously to me).  But I had found a couple blow job pics that would work.  I settled on the one in the third panel because it didn't even have a nose.

So with my pictures chosen, I started to write.  I followed my basic story line, with the lyrics up in notepad.  That way I could drop some of them in when it felt appropriate.  The only problem writing wise was when I came to the third panel.  I hadn't noticed that in the second panel she had french nails, while this picture had her with pink fingernails.  Just as I was about to go back and search something different, it hit me that the different nail color could actually work.  I liked how it seemed to speed up... painting her nails, spilling the nail polish, cleaning the pants, removing the pants.. it was like her body was moving faster than she could think.

I'm not going to say that this is one of my favorite caps... but it did meet the challenge.  I don't think I'll ever be happy when the photos don't match up exactly.  I know its subtle, but having the three photos in three settings (looking out the window, outside, inside) just emphasizes that they are different women to me.


  1. A very good and fun caption. Definitely not where I thought you would go, but that is what makes challenges so much fun. I love seeing where other people will go with my ideas.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Angel. Out of curiosity, where did you think I would go?