Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Will He See?

Will he see me?  Or just her?

This is just another fun quickie.  I was looking at various redheaded photos trying to find an image to cap for Steffi (not Steffie, but Steffi!) who recently came back to capping.  I think she may one of the more frustrating people to search for as she really wants no magic, and almost straight realistic cross dressing... but only women in the photos.  And she mentions rather strictly about disliking 'instaboobs'.  So I need to find an attractive redhead that is not only wearing enough clothes to hide her 'masculine' body, but have very small or even non existent breasts.

The redhead thing I have no problem with... I love looking at redheads!  But clothed thing... well I don't mind that.  In fact it can really help set the scene for the story.  But the breast thing... hmm... I like good sized breasts.  So I have to fight my initial 'nah, to small' feeling and take a second look.

Anyway.. while searching I came across this image.  and wow... it had a pretty strong and immediate effect.  What I instantly got from the image was a newly trained 'girl'.  A man who had been transformed against his will over a long period of time into a beautiful woman and who was no lying on her master's bed as he approaches for the first time.  The happiness in the facial expression feels so forced to me... she isn't really happy at all.   And that made it very powerful to me.

So I just had to write up this quick cap.  The only problem was that the original photo was VERY sharp.  Here it is:

I didn't like the image being that sharp.  So I did a very unrealistic 'effect'.  I made an copy of the image on its own later, and applied a large gaussian blur to it.  I then used a large eraser brush (with a lot of 'fall off') to erase the blurry eyes, letting the sharp eyes shine through.  Now a similar type of focus could be attained, but either the bridge of her nose (between the eyes) would be in focus too, or portions of her face (corners of her mouth, part of her chin) would be in focus too.

In the end I remembered that I wasn't trying to make a realistic photo, I was just trying to make a powerful cap.  So I ignored realism and worked with what I did first.

I think it came across pretty good... I'm just not sure if I left enough detail in the story.


  1. The effect is really powerful. In fact it was a little startling how much the eyes popped out when I enlarged the image. I think it really helps convey the emotions in the story. Calvin being trapped in a artificially modified body, only able to watch through his eyes.

  2. Powerful image, and very enticing story :)

    On another note, don't kill yourself to make me a caption... You've already gifted me with some of the best captions I have ever seen, let alone received :)