Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Justine Justice

Birth of a Heroine

If you've never wandered over to Geofrey's Tower, you are really missing out on some fun caps.  Geofrey really comes at TG caps from an entirely different direction, as he really focuses on Super Heroes.

Now I like Super Heroes.  And I like TG.  But I've never really thought about combining the two (beyond looking at sexy drawings of a female batman or superman).  I thought of them as liking lobster and caramel.  Great, but kinda weird when put together.  But between Geofrey's caps and all of the recent 're imagining' of super heroes, I started to really enjoy it.

Put this together, along with Geofrey making me a great creative cap, and I get this... my first super hero origin tg cap.  Now this was a little strange as I wanted to make this for Geofrey, but not being on the Haven (at least not to my knowledge) means I have no preferences to work with.  All I had to work from was Geofrey's caps.  He seemed happy enough to go XXX, and seemed to just LOVE super heroes being corrupted.

so I started looking around for images to work with.  I didn't want to use an existing super hero, as it would be harder to write Geofrey into that.  I quickly found these images on fuskator, but still looked for another few hours trying to find something like this, but XXX.  I finally decided that these images would have to do, and I would just have to get the smut in with the story itself.

So I started writing... I have never tried to write out a super hero story so I admit that I took ideas from several sources. The biggest contributor was Disney's 'Sky High'.  I normally hate Disney movies (the good guy always wins, and it all turns out ok in the end), but I found the idea of super heroes raising kids as really fun.  And much like Spideman avoiding his responsibility got his uncle killed, Geofrey avoiding his responsibility got him... well it turned him into a slut (Hey... its a smutty TG cap, NOT a Disney movie!).

Once I was happy with the story, I went on to design.  I knew I would need a lot of space for the text, so I wanted something simple in the background.  My first thought was wonder woman style flying stars... something like this:

But when searching for something like this, I came across this:

I REALLY liked this one, so all I did was color it and turn it to fit my vertical layout. The last thing I did was alter the photos just a touch.  I've shown how I've used the 'surface blur' to photos before, but this time I did a little more extreme version of it so that I could more or less straddle a realistic photo and a drawn super hero at the same time.  Here are the originals to compare against:

Overall I'm happy with the caps.  I don't think anyone has to worry about me focusing to much on Super Hero TG caps, but it was fue nonetheless to dip my toes in this different genre!


  1. A super heroine who has to suck cock to maintain her powers? Yep, that sounds like something you would come up with. A very sexy story! Ill definitely be checking out geofrey's stuff.

  2. I agree. This definitely is right up your alley!

    Superheroes in general are a weird thing for me, because I had many friends that were comic book geeks. I was never THAT into comic books themselves, but absorbed lots of information about them. I did watch the cartoons and television shows (and yes, I used to spin around hoping that *I* would turn into Wonder Woman) but other than Batman (and Neil Gaiman's Sandman) I didn't really follow them much.

    But looking at the ways and means of how they achieved their powers .. both superheroes and TG captions have much in common. On s base level, there is a huge element of wish fulfillment in both, so I can definitely see how they have crossover appeal to TG folk.

  3. Question, if he only needs genetic material, wouldn't blood suffice as it actually contains more DNA than an egg/sperm (which only contain half of the genetic code)?

    Minor gripe aside, I REALLY enjoyed this. Big comics fan and this was a really fun take on it.

  4. Blood wouldn't be better, because the vast majority of blood volume is 1) plasma (semen is more compact), 2) red blood cells, which have no nuclei and thus insignificant DNA, or 3) random food garble (carbohydrates, lipids, etc).

    But skin has a lot of DNA. Squamous layers are dead skin cells, and they're normal cells (with ~6.6 pg of nuclear DNA per cell) until they die and slough off, which they do at a rate of ~30000-40000 cells per minute per person, much faster if you're biting and licking. So instead of chugging sperm (only ~2.2 pg of DNA per cell, since sperm doesn't go through the different phases of division), Geofrey could just go around licking and biting any random person, male or female - for an hour or so, given the math. Old people have the most wrinkling, so I suppose that would be the most surface area per lick, and it's best to go right for the melanomas/tumors/extra growths, because those cells are likely to be aneuploid, and the consumption rate would be very fast if they were bitten off. Or hang around someone with lamellar ichthyosis with a pumice stone, since they need to have the large amounts of excess skin exfoliated anyways.

    That way, Geofrey would be both gaining INT + STR and being a help to the health care services.

    Of course, the most efficient thing to do is to join a lab and get access to a PCR machine/whole genome amplifier. Infinite DNA amplification, anytime, anywhere, if it's carried around. But I understand sometimes that's not an option.

  5. @Kyra and Dee
    Thank you! I figured if I ever made my mark on comic book heroes it would involve a cock and lips!

    I'm a fan of Superheroes in general. I went through a comic stage (mostly X-Men), enjoyed the movies and cartoon series, and tolerated the television shows. I'd probably say that Batman is my favorite just because he isn't really a super hero. He's a guy with the best toys on the market (and the best toys not on the market!).

    But I agree that both super heroes in general and tg fantasies are in the dream business.

    @Anonymous and River Tam
    This reminds me of watching Ang Lee's Hulk in the theater. One guy near the back shouted out 'Yo, that much radiation would like kill him yo!"

    Indeed, if Geofrey merely needed DNA to retain his powers, licking someone's skin or drinking their blood would probably be a good method to use. And admittedly if I was making Vampire Super Hero TG caps, I would probably have him need to consume blood. But that wasn't my goal. My goal was to have Geofrey in his new feminine body to need to suck cock. Nothing more complex than that.

    I could go through and explain how his need of the 'essence' of the person was really code for his powers needing to replicate new cells, and therefore requiring haploid cells to combine with. I could explain how this process wasn't so much physical as it was an emotional trick played by Puck Lokison forcing Justine to get her powers from something that repulsed her, but in reality it was just a mental block that could later be removed.

    Like any good fiction, I felt there was need for a choice. A choice that was hard to make as a man recently turned into a woman. And just as I don't try to explain how the super powers really work, I also probably should have left it more generic as to his addiction and need for the 'essence' of people. But thank you for bringing out your comic/science fu. I never really thought I would see people discussion the best ways to get genetic material to power up their super abilities on this or really any other blog.

  6. Thanks Caitlyn! No one has ever made a cap for me before. It was very well done.
    Im flored.. im not sure what to say..
    And thank you for the glowing recomendation too. Thats sweet. (Dont be too surprised if I return the favor. Later tonight I will turn you into a heroine)! :-)

  7. Must resist the urges to be a superheroine! I like to be a supervillainess *giggle*

    Splendid story Caitlyn, you hit the nail in every part of the explanation of super powers and what's not. It's always a pleasure to see something done so brilliant by you! :3

    And yep... I found amusing the conversation above!!!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  8. Science aside..I really enjoyed this pair of caps. I even read them many times over and liked them more each time. I've never really commented on your blog that I remember, but wanted to also say that I love your captions. They are always very elegantly done.

  9. Awesome story!