Friday, May 11, 2012

For you Baby

What would you go through to get Revenge?

If you've read my last few posts, you know I've been looking for images to use in a cap for smitty.  I never did find one that really screamed out 'smitty' but when I saw this set of images I got a good 'revenge' story.

The basic premise that came to me originally was a guy's wife got seduced by a wizard.  He tried to impregnate her but his magical seed ended up killing her.  This wizard knows that the guy is going to come after him, so he transforms him into a beautiful woman and tries to impregnate the new her after performing a mind wipe of some sort.

Well the mide wipe didn't work because our hero was luring in said wizard so that he could get revenge for his fallen wife.  All he needed was some of the wizards cum (Super Hero people... back off... he needed cum, not just DNA!) and then he would swap bodies with him.  Denying the wizard any future powers, while keeping his own limited magical abilities and gaining the wizards considerable power.

Yea... I don't know why I thought something that complex out, but I did.

Using three or four images, I could probably write this out in my standard format.   If I found two particularly good images, I could even put this in my old format.  But as I scrolled through the images I kept seeing ones that I really liked and really wanted to use.  It hit me that I could probably do this in a similar style that I used for "Evie's Fantasy"

Obviously there would be some major differences.  These images didn't have the same empty space that the photos in Evie's Fantasy did.  These images would be vertical rather than horizontal.  I knew where the story was going so I would need to structure this a bit better.  These would be overtly XXX.  But the biggest difference is that I would be using two voices.  Looking at the images I just figured it would fit the story better to have both the man and the woman sharing their thoughts.

But all these things really meant is that I would be paving some new ground again.  And while I tend to avoid it, I DO enjoy treading new tracks, even if they are just a variation on a previous track.

So I started out by just writing out the first pic.  Just to more or less set the scene, figure out how each voice would look, and just get my feet wet.  I'll admit that I spent qutie a bit of time getting the fonts just right.  I didn't want there to be ANY doubt as to who was speaking.  My initial thoughts would be a thin more fancy font for 'her' and a thicker bolder more stout font for 'him'.  I settled on the fonts you see here ('Gabriola' for her, 'Gunplay' for him) but having them the same color was problematic.

Making his voice dark blue seemed obvious enough.  As it was dark, I figured I would add a light blue glow, so that I could place it over dark area's and still have it visible.  But her voice wasn't as simple.  I played with the idea of pink, but not only did it blend in to the skin tones a little to well (even with a shadow), I also didn't like the idea of it being pink.  The story I had in mind was the hero being quite masculine in thought, as he was just trying to fool the wizard.  I briefly considered starting it out in pink, and in each frame having it fade until it got to white... but I still didn't think that would work.  I didn't want to end up with still fairly pink text in the 3rd or 4th panel with him complaining about being feminine.  It just didn't feel right.

So even though I didn't want to use white (I did the same thing in Evie's Fantasy), I did.

Now that I had the basic layout, and the fonts selected, I stepped back and looked at the whole series of photos and worked out a basic skeleton of the story.  I had 30 images to work from, but I knew I wouldn't use all of them.  Some were repeats of similar poses, while others were poses that I didn't think I'd use.  I figured I the first few panels would establish that he is trying to hid the fact that he has his mind intact.  This would be both him 'acting' like a whore and the wizard wondering what was going on in her vapid mind and patting himself on the back.

The next few panels would our heroine falling into the trap of the body.  He would start to like the way it feels, and wonder if this was the magic, or if it was just a feminine body.  He would even wonder if his wife felt like this.

The next few panels would be our heroine breaking that mental trap and building up his spell (I would let out what his spell was going to do, as I wanted that to be a surprise end), but also letting the wizard wonder if he'll be able to impregnate her this time without killing her.

And then the last few panels.  The final build up, and then the final surprise ending.

All went well until I got to the part where I started to talk about him getting her pregnant.  I'm not sure how smitty feels about pregnancy.  I'm fairly certain that he will like the wizard idea, the revenge idea, and even get a kick out of the heroine doing this all for her lost love.   But that's a lot of assumptions, and I wanted to mitigate the risk of him NOT liking it.

So... the pregnancy had to come out.  In its place... well I admit that its replacement is fairly lame.  I wanted the wizard's spell to be finished with either our heroine's orgasm or her tasting his cum.  I'm not sure if I portrayed that well enough though.

When I finally got the the last part I almost ended with just our heroine's voice (font) talking about how the body swap was finished, and telling the now female wizard that she would be punished for what she did.

It was o.k... but it hit me that I could SHOW the body swap.  After all I had just spent 12 panels establishing that our heroine thinks in a white 'Gabriola' font with a shadow, while the man speaks in a blue 'Gunplay' font with a glow.  I could change some of this around and end up with our now male hero thinking in a blue 'Gabriola' font with a shadow, and our newly feminine wizard thinking in a white 'gunplay' font with a glow.

Well.. the glow and shadow's didn't work out.  They needed to stay with the color, otherwise the fonts would just get lost.  But to help it out I figured I could slightly change the effect in the previous panel.  Make 'his' thoughts going from dark to light blue, and having 'her' voice going from white to light blue.

I think it worked out fine.

But even going into this without it being completely new, still took a lot longer than my regular capping time.  13 panels took me about 6 hours.  Most of that time is placing the text around in interesting ways.  Lining them up, making them larger or smaller to convey a feeling, and putting them in places where they don't overpower the image (The 5th panel in particular took a LONG time)

This will never be my first choice for a design.  Its just to intensive.  But for something special or something different I'll bring it out.

I'm actually really curious how this will go over.  Evie's Fantasy got a lot of really humbling comments both here and at the Haven.   But for page views... well it didn't get a lot.  So I'm curious to see if that's just the normal 'Sex Sells' (in which case, this should get a lot more views), or if its only a popular design to other cap artists and creators.  The number of page views won't effect how often I'll use this design.. I'm just curious.

Oh... and I tried to make a video out of this too.  Again.. playing with something new.

Well, it seems I screwed up.  I made it just like I did Evie's fantasy with a title card, credit card, and music.  But after it was uploaded to Daily Motion they rejected it and simply pointed to their Terms of Service.  I figured it was the song (I used 'Angel' by Massive Attack) so I delted it and tried another (this time a remix of 'Paradise Circus' by Massive Attack).  I figured since it was a remix that it wouldn't get any copyright problems.

Well... it was rejected too.  So I re did the video without music and uploaded it.

Hmm... I guess three strikes and you're out.  They not only rejected it, but also deleted my account.  Taking down the video for "Evie's Fantasy" along with it.

So if you know of a video hosting site like Daily Motion or You tube (upload it once, it will convert it to SD and HD versions, and allow people to stream it easily and quickly) I'd love to hear about it.  Otherwise I'm just not going to bother with it.


  1. I'm surprised to see this hasn't got more comments. It just goes to show you never can tell what will stick with people. I really enjoy this new style. I find it incredibly immerse, and personally, I liked the vagueness of some of the story aspects. It made you pay even more attention to the cap.

  2. I for one loved this, though I'll admit I wanted her to loose in the end and fall under his spell just like his wife before him. Great work!