Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Taking Out The Competition

Watch out, or the competition will take YOU out!

As I mentioned in "Earning a Name", Mistress Simone recently made me two wonderful caps.  I had always intended on making her two caps, and that thought didn't change just because the first one I made turned into a nine panel series.  While I was making that cap, I told you how I asked Simone if she would rather have a Simone cap or a Chloe cap... what I didn't mention was that her initial answer was a 'man turning into Simone' cap.

Seeing as "Earning a Name" doesn't mention the origin of Simone, I figuried that is exactly what I would do with this one.  I know Simone loves to 'make' men over into sissies, so I went looking for a photo with two women.  This was one of the first ones that came up and I absolutely loved the look of the two women in the pic.  But when I started to write, I realized that neither of these women exactly looked like a slave.  Sure, the brunette (who I was figuring to be Simone anyway) has a far more confident look on her face, and the blonde looks very attracted to the brunette... but I don't get 'slave' out of her. So halfway through the first paragraph, it hit me... she isn't the person Simone is talking too... the blonde girl is the girlfriend (former girlfriend) of the person she is talking to.

I thought that it would be particularly devious for 'Mark' to come back not only as an attractive woman, not only a woman that can have any man or woman she wants, and not only a woman that will transform her former friend/rival into a woman... but to have her steal his girlfriend first!

Anyway... the story came out fairly smoothly and I'm happy with it.  It isn't meant to be an epic cap, or an emotional roller coaster like the previous cap I made for Simone... this fits as just a quick hitting fun cap.


  1. This is certainly "fun"! I adore it and I love how it turned out. This is one of my favorite types of scenarios so thanks a lot, my dear.

  2. This was a fun little button pusher, the idea of her stealing his girlfriend first really put it over. Nice work!