Friday, February 25, 2011

Authorized Personell Only!

ALWAYS beware the signs!

This was a fun and fairly frustrating cap to make.  While looking through images I found this great pic.  It really made my mind wander... why is this sexy woman in a 'caution' area?  Did she not see the sign?  What is this 'hazzard' that necessitates such a sign?  Is this the why you should be cautioned?

I had recently read some stories about machines transofrming people and to this day that is a pet peeve of mine.  Its one thing to be transformed by a friend or lover.  You can try to convince them that you don't want this.  Its one thing to be transformed by a stranger.  You can try to sneak or force your way out.

But to be transformed by a machine?  A machine that keeps you from struggling for your safety?  Oh thats just a delicious idea.  The majority of this story was inspired by RH Music's "House Training" story on fictionmania.  I have loved that story for a long long time, and have read it and re-read it many times.

So with inspiration and an ending pose in hand I went to writing.  I knew that I couldn't go into the detail that RH Music did, but I didn't want to just put 'the machine transformed poor Matt' either.  So I tried to go light on the details.  But once I had the story mostly done and started on the layout I realized that this picture just took up to much space.  I couldn't cut it off as I really needed the sign in it.  And I couldn't cut down the story to be nearly short enough to fit in a cap format.  So I spent some time looking for other images that I could use.  I mainly looked for pictures of asian women dressed similarly, or at least in a sci-fi/industrial setting.  But nothing looked similar enough in style or form to fit.  I now know that I could have also used other items like a UPS driver, a UPS package, a name tag, a corset, a laser beam, a mechanical arm.... anything mentioned in the story.  But I wasn't that savy on using images like that at the time.

So I focused on the sign.  I found various caution signs that seemed to fit the motif.  I just had to take them into Photoshop so that I could make them all the same color and size.  I also cut out some of the details of the story so that I only had two 'blank' pages.

This was my first cap that didn't have a 'subject' photo in each panel.  I have done this several times since, and still don't like it.  But it seems to work as a last measure.

I may revisit this idea of a machine transforming someone again.  Its not something I see that often, and I think that it could make some great caps!

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  1. It is great to see the evolution of Caitlyn in how you caption. I hope that others just starting out can see that they will get better too with more practice, and thinking about ways to get proficient with the tools they have to work with.

    I think both your design and your storytelling have gotten more taut and well executed.