Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dream Girls

Be careful what you wish for in a dream.  Especially someone else's dream!

I know you all like the dirty caps (me too!), and since I have posted a few clean ones, I figured I would double up today just to make sure you get a nice dirty one in.  Not much to say about it, except I love that image.  Just so 'owned' looking.


  1. Creative cap. I too like the picture. Her lower lip looks a little weird but since I have never sucked cock I don't know what my lips would look like wrapped around a hard one. haha!

  2. Well Sasha, she is sucking in and creating a vacuum while that pole'o'meat is being withdrawn. Since she has a good seal on the pole, it is 'pulling' her lips out a bit.

    Uh... I mean I have no idea why it looks like that. ;)