Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[Question] Where do you search for the images you use in your illustrations?

In the mirror of course!  But seriously...

I like your captions. I'm trying to make something myself and need to find appropriate sexy images. Where do you search for the images you use in your illustrations? Do you have any advice for getting good results?

First off, thank you for the compliment!

I have several different search methods depending on what I am looking for, or why I am looking for it.

Normally when I am making a cap I am starting off with a basic idea of where I want the story to go, and some of the subjects preferences in mind.  So I may be looking for a blond school girl, or a brunette secretary, or a black haired mother.  In this case I generally start by using Google Images.  If it is to be an XXX story, I make sure the 'SafeSearch' is off (allowing porn images through), othrewise I leave it on Moderate.  They key is using the right search criteria.  I almost always start with 'Sexy Woman'.  This if nothing else, puts up a thumbnail gallery of a bunch of beautiful women.  I glance at a few and see if I can find something a little more specific to search for.  Maybe a peek at a girls stockings sends my mind off in that direction, or a particularly sexy set of lips get my engine rolling.  Once I have something more in mind, I replace'woman' as the search term and add any new criteria like 'stockings' or 'lips'.  The one thing I almost always keep in is "Sexy".  Oh, and I only search for 'Large' images.  I HATE finding the perfect image, only to find out that it is indeed only a thumbnail at 100x100 pixels.

Now if I am looking for someting a little dirtier I search for images at the porn site I have a membership to at the moment.  Sites I frequent are Brazzers, Naughty America, and DDF.  These all have a large selection of quality images per shoot.  I really like that because I may be looking for an image of a smiling happy woman, but many sites don't include the 'extra' shots and have the perfect pose I want, but only have her screaming out an 'O', or grimacing.  The last set at Brazzers I looked through had 911 images, and that was a single girl screwing a single man in a dorm room.  Beyond the number of images, these sites have proffesional photographers and models, so the photography generally looks good (this is especially true at DDF... their models look amazing).

If I don't have a membership to a pron site at the moment, I will look at several thumbnail gallery sites.  The two that I frequent are Persian Kitty and al4a.com. These sites have a large variety of images, and being thumbnail galleries they have several images in case I want to make a series.

That right there is 99% of my image searching.  I rarely get let down by using the above method.  Now a site that I keep in the back of my head as I've seen a lot of cappers that I respect use it is Model Mayhem.  These are purely clean images (maybe a little nude, or a little lewd, but PG13 or R at worst).  The nice thing about this is that you can really narrow down the model search including age, bust, hair color, eye color and many other search options.

A suggestion I have heard from other cappers is to keep images that look like they might be good for a cap.  I don't really do this myself, but I've seen cappers pull out an image that they've had for years, just watiing for the right story.

I really wish there was more to it that I could share.  A few things I keep in mind while searching for images is:

1)  Try not to be to specific to your search.  If you are searching for a big breasted redhead wearing green lipstick, blue fishnet stockings, sitting in a lazy boy recliner with a persian haired cat on her lap and a monocle in her eye... well good luck with that.  I find it difficult enough finding acceptable images of redheads. A big part of this is looking for an image BEFORE you write the story.  There is nothing more frustrating than spending HOURS searching for an image because you have already written the story, and NEED a particular image.

2) Don't let your search for the perfect image keep you from accepting an image that is good enough.  Perfection is God's work, not yours, and certainly not mine.  I have found images that were close to what I wanted, and went on to use them to great accolade.  So long as the story matches the image, you should be fine, and it is always fun to write the story to fit the image.

3)  Don't accept the first image you come across.  I'm not saying keep looking for the 'perfect' image, but it doesn't hurt to look a bit more.  Sometimes a new image will inspire you to a new path that will blow your socks off.


  1. I have over 5000 pics on this laptop I'm using right now, and my old one has over 20'000 pics. Most of them are single pictures hand picked by me as I look for some picture to help inspire me. I can't wait till I can get those other pictures, I haven't seen some of them in a long time and probably have forgotten most, so I'm hoping to get some new ideas when I lay eye's on them again.

    Almost every picture in my Jennifer story used pictures from Model mayhem. That won't be the case for all future story's, but that site is a treasure trove of fantastic Images. I've lost many many hours while searching that site.

    If I need something a little more naughty, I go on over to Image fap, Porn bb, and Pic hunter. (thanks to Smitty for the last one!) Mostly I find exactly what I need because I usually let the picture help spark an idea for a story and then I write around that.

    Having a bunch of pictures saved to my hard drives helps alot. Yeah, I will never be able to cap all of those pictures. (but wouldn't that be awesome?) Still, I can share when a friend need's something in particular, when someone's prefs have a certain kink listed and I already have a picture for it, or just when the internet is dead and I want to caption something.

  2. I save a bunch of pics that I think are hot in the heat of the moment but recently I have been going through them and deleting them. You really don't want someone finding 1T of porn on your computer. I mean 999gb is ok.

    I don't think you really need to save pics because there are just way too many on the net and it is always fun to look for fresh stuff.

  3. I agree Sasha 1 TB is a we bit much porn. My entire erotica folder (gotta keep it classy ya know!) is just a touch under 19GB, and that includes my entire capping folder.

    But then again once I got into capping, I stopped saving porn. Go figure!

  4. I try not to save as many pictures anymore, mainly because I don't want to keep as many pictures. I recently lost my collection of pics and I realized I was stock piling pics but not using them.

    I find if I go searching for pics, it takes over and I lose focus. I get caught up in the pic search for that "perfect pic".

    I will note that Jennifer has saved me a few times, particularly when I first lost my collection.

  5. There you smart girls go, thinking up stories before you have an image. I just don't know how you do that. I'm not saying it is wrong, I'm saying I'm envious.

    I personally wade through Tumblr blogs quite often looking for images that I think will be good for capping. The thing that almost always draws me to an image is the look on the face of the subject(s). Very often when I see an image I'm going to save for capping, I get the glimmer of a story, the opening line or the ending line or a statement by the main character. This isn't always the case, but it happens more often than not.

    From there, I save the pics in folders based on subject matter: blonde, red-head, brunette, bondage, fetish, male/female, female/female, blowjob. I also have folders based on "feeling" i.e. surprised, angry, shy, etc.

    This means that I have a ton of files, no where near a TB though (god Sasha, you are such a pervert ;) ), more like 15 GB. I try to go through and delete images every few months to save space and to make searching for an image a bit easier. Also if I look at a saved pic and can't remember the insight I had originally, I toss it.

    I guess that doesn't really answer the question. Some of my more useful Tumblr blogs are:

  6. I also save most of the pictures I use on a directory. I don't quite have Petra's filing system, it more based on a rating from PG to X.

    90 percent of the pictures I save are more of a generic save, and I bet I only use maybe 20 percent of those. I really should clean out the hard drive occasionally, but even a few weeks ago, I used a picture or two that had been on the drive for over 2 years before I figured out what to do with it.

    The other 10 percent, I have a good idea who its for right away. IN those cases, I will name the picture with that and possibly a basic idea so the picture would be named "caitlyn_bankheist" or something like that.

    Sometimes I actually have time to kill and just browse pictures online and something grabs me, and I just snag it and make a caption right then. With that, I'll not even bother saving the picture to the hard drive, I'll just import it into Photoshop and cap away.

    I don't think I have to mention any other sites, since the commenters seemed to nail quite a few, though I do hit Southern Charms and look at all the free preview pictures they have Monday through Friday.