Saturday, February 26, 2011

Clown Hypnosis

Who's afraid of clowns?

This is a fun cap I made for Dee.  I don't remember what I was looking for exactly when this image came up, but it is another example of an image I couldn't get out of my head.  Do I think that Dee really wants to become a horny girl clown?  No.   Do I think she would enjoy the humor in it?  Yuppers.

I think it sits as a pretty good example of using a non traditional image, even when you have something else in mind.  I never once would have looked at Dee's preferences and said to myself 'Oh, I bet she would just love to become hypnotised into becoming a submissive, high heel wearing, horny clown girl.  But I'm glad that the image came up.  The only problem was my standard issue 'wrote to damned much for a single image' problem.  So I had to have another image to fit into the first panel.  While searching for something I came across a creepy looking guy, and figured a picture of the hypnotist would work.  Once I got the above image, I just had to change it to black and white, and add the creepy spirals in his eyes.

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