Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Night at the Club

Getting fucked.  Loving it.  Hating it.

I only vaguely recall making this cap. I know I was in a capping mood, and I was also in a horny mood.  I think the latter part wrote most of the story.  The preamble of this story is short, and goes in a a couple directions I don't generally like.  First the subject willingly gets transformed completely into a woman at the beginning of the second paragraph.  There is no description of it, and no description of his feelings either.  Just he wants to go to the club, oh look my aunt is a witch, BAM he is now a woman dressing up in slutty clothes.
The 'action' starts in the fifth paragraph and doesn't really stop until the last paragraph.  Even the description of the 'action' is limited.  She is up riding him, then they are down blowing him, then he is up riding him.  The mental struggle is alright, but to get more out of the struggle, would have required some sort of hesitation at the beginning.

Second I used the oldest cliche.  Get cum in you and you are stuck.  If there was the ability to magically transform a man into a woman, then why would this be written into the spell?  I can kind of understand it when the spell is a punishment or curse, but for a willing and temporary transformation it just doesn't make sense.  (I know I know... trying to make sense about magic is like arguing over what color invisible unicorns are).

Now beyond the lack of description and the silly cliche... I have to admit that I still like this cap.  Its a fun quick horny ride.  The pictures are a little to 'porn', but then again, it IS porn.  It is what it is, and it doesn't pretend to be anything else.  As much as I like fine food, I still occasionally like McDonalds, and this is pure cap McDonalds.

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  1. Good cap! I now must go to the McDonalds drive through and order the McPorn jest to see what they say. (And because I suddenly want a Big Mac).