Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Chamber Maid's Maid

My first 'followup' cap.

I know that the images of two women working on a guy in a gym doesn't exactly inspire the title "The Chamber Maid's Maid", but let me explain.  Candy at the Haven made me a wonderful 'revenge gone wrong' cap which was my current fetish at the moment.  I returned with a fun cap "The Rings" while I will post here eventually.  Candy then made me another cap (The Chamber Maid).  This was a little differnt in that Candy didn't use some fictional foil to change Calvin into Caitlyn, but instead used her male persona Jeff.  She even teased me by adding "Im sure Calvin might try to get his revenge on him but hes not so easily tricked" when she posted the cap.

Well I love a fun challenge and decided to get revenge.  Instead of just setting up another new cap, I figured the best way to get even with Jeff was him to humiliate himself in front of Caitlyn.  So I wrote this.  I did want the images to be of two chambermaids, but I didn't find any good image sets.  But this set worked out just perfectly.

I tried to keep in as much information from the original cap as I could.  Even adding the last line about getting fucked up the ass, as Caitlyn asked something similar of Jeff in the first cap.

Oh, and that randy fella in this cap?  Well its none other than Martha's male persona Niels.  If revenge caps are fun between two people, why not bring in more!

As to the design,  this is one of the first time I rotated images for a cap.  Its not THE first time (I think thats "My Slave, My Master" posted here under "Misc Zulo Caps").  I call that a major turning point for me.  Previous to these efforts, I would write up the story in Word, copy all of it, and paste it into Photoshop just using the straight text tool.  I never bothered with text boxes, as I never saw the need for them.  But that is just a royal pain to do on an angle.  It requires going to each line, and adding spaces to push it out right.  OUCH.  But I read someowhere about using text paths.  Its a text box that you form using the path tool in photoshop.  By using the path tool, I could lay out the images however I wanted them, then 'draw' my own text box to flow around them.  It was suprisingly easy as now all I had to do was select that path using the text tool, and paste.  The text automatically flowed around the images.

Rotating the images and having the text flow around them is something I love doing.  I would go so far as to say it is a large part of my 'style'.

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