Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Come to Momma

Mmm... tit fucking!

So this is the first cap I made for Martha.  Now a day's Martha and I chat back and forth quite a bit via instant message, but at the time I made this I had only seen her caps and her comments on my caps (as well as her comments on many other caps).  This was also made before Martha listed a second part style cap (like I did in "Fifth, Second, and New Anniversaries" .

Martha is one of the few people that doesn't limit their age change to younger women.  In fact if I remember it correctly, she was specifically requesting to be transformed int an older milf type woman.  So when I found this image I knew it would work.  I figured it would be a quick few paragraphs (him and his buddy wanting a MILF, getting a spell, Niels getting transformed by someone talking through the thin walls, Martha seducing her friend).  But when I got rolling, I just kept working on the transformation.

I really like the idea of hearing someone talking about their dream woman while you are transforming into it.  Especially if they don't know they are doing it to you.  Each expression is just another 'OH NO NOT THAT' moment for the poor soul being transformed.

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  1. I still remember reading this cap. :) I was really excited that I got my first Caitlyn cap because they were all high quality.
    I still love this story alot ... being helpless, nothing I could do, I just have to give in ... your writing is awesome. :)
    Thanks again for this nice cap! :)