Monday, February 14, 2011

More Meat On The Bones!

It ain't what I would want... but DAYUM!

This was the last cap I made in 2009.  That is 23 caps in 45 days (my first trading cap was posted on November 16, 2009).  Compared to now I was a capping machine!  This year I have made all of three caps (four if you include Dee's Challenge).  In all of 2010 I made 42 trade caps.  So obviously I started off fast, and have slowed way down.  I think that in the beginning I was finding my way.  Really trying out different story types, different layouts, and basically just flitting from one cap to the next.  Now I've found the style that I like.  A lot more detailed.  And that detail doesn't just come to me.  It seems that I have to 'force' it out now.  At least when I start a cap.  If it doesn't start getting easier fairly quick, then I just stop.  Sorry for the bit of self reflection.  On to this cap.

This was the first cap trade that I got, where I didn't really like the person's preferences.  BBW.  I don't have anything against BBW, but the idea of becoming one is just not on my radar.  But like any good cap trader, I made a cap for her, and not me.  Sure i still put my 'spin' on it... I made it so that he didn't like BBW, but became one anyway. I skipped over how he not only liked the woman he became, but started to look for that in men as well.

I don't find to much off putting when it comes to preferences.  I think its because with my own 'humiliation' fetish that I'm already outside of the big group of people on the haven.  And because many things can lead to humiliation, I tend to like most of those things.  Masters and Mistresses.  Bondage.  Spankings.  Fetish clothing.  All of these things can turn my dials up.  But there are a few that I just don't like.  BBW is one of them.  Pregnancy is another (and that seems to have its own cult following at the haven).  Some things that I haven't seen, but am pretty sure I wouldn't like are scat and watersports.  So far no one has requested anything like that.  Another is pain for pain's sake.  I don't mind a good spanking, and I really don't think a quick hard Anal fuck would be (or at least start out) pleasurable.  But if someone whips someone else only to whip them.... that turns me off.

I know that is just another way of the kettle calling the pot black.  I can picture someone that IS into pain just looking at me wondering what is so unusual about the sensual sensation of a whip coming down repeatedly on their bare thighs.  I mean come on.... I fantasize about being turned into a cock sucking whore!  And for that reason I don't mind that people like the things that I don't like.  I just hope that I don't get capped with one of my dislikes, and don't have to make something for someone that does like it.  I try to keep a good erotic tension in my caps, but I don't know if I could do that when I'm not into it at all.

So has anyone had a problem making a cap for someone with prefs far out of your prefs?

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