Friday, February 18, 2011

Perchance to Dream?

Can a cap be sweet and dark at the same time?

I was in a mood to cap all day, and finally got this worked out for Martha.  Martha loves the Great Shift, and loves caps that aren't in the immediate aftermath of being transformed, so I knew I wanted to follow that.  One thing I learned about Martha is that she really likes to explore what she would really feel if suddenly transformed from a man into a woman.  She still likes the 'BANG.  Yer a woman and yer having sex' caps, but she doesn't get a lot of the 'years later' caps.

After talking with her a lot, I get the feeling that while the 'sex' caps are sexy and erotic, she really doesn't know if she would jump in the sac and try out the new bod in that way quickly.  So I got the idea of her being a woman and not having sex.  More about how she accepted her new life, made new friends, but still kept her attraction to women.

First thing as always was finding the right image.  I searched for just a beautiful woman doing something... anything that I could base a story around.  I was surprised when this image popped up.  Don't get me wrong, the woman in this picture meets the search criteria of 'sexy beautiful woman' but I didn't expect to see a man in the pic.  But the image just stayed with me.  My initial reaction is that the woman isn't asleep, but is acting like this is.  Thats when the story image came to me.  The basic pot was Niels gets shifted into a woman, but the woman's boyfriend doesn't get shifted. He stays and sweetly helps the new person in his girlfriends body accept her new life.  He wants to have sex with her, but she refuses.  And then one night.... this happens!

So I started writing... and writing and writing and writing.  I had quite a long story and a lot of setup that was interesting, but didn't really help set this scene.  Normally I will just start editing it down, but as you may know I'm trying to make better caps, not just shorter ones.  So I started over trying to remain closer to the main idea I had.  I like this version much better.

I knew that I would like to post the previous version, so I specifically didn't delete it.  Instead I just moved it lower in Word so that I could copy it out and post it here.  Sadly when I was done with the cap in Photoshop, I closed Word and didn't save the file.


I hate it when a good plan gets sunk by not paying attention!

Anyways.. live and learn.  The one thing that strikes me about this is its dark nature.  I didn't intend it to be dark, and as I re-read it, I think some people won't think of it as all that dark.  But the idea of having possibly been raped night after night by this stalker of an ex boyfriend just really hits me as dark and evil.  Not the humiliating dark and evil I normally go for.  Maybe its just my current mood... I made this late at night which I normally don't do, and the wind is howling outside... just kind of a creepy night.


  1. I normally just post over at Sasha's blog (I suppose the google-id gives that away), but she has a link here as one of the places she likes so I visit from time to time. I read this and just had to post a review. It's a great caption. Good idea, well executed. Sweet and dark, romantic and creepy all at the same time. Good job.

  2. Thanks sashassecretadmirer!

    Feel free to visit whenever, and always feel free to post!