Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Perfect Bride

Living out her special day... and night.

I was actually looking for something a little more hard core to cap this morning, but when I stopped by Saragirl's Sissy Confessions blog I saw her post a wonderful bridal picture that got a little story/fantasy going.  You see I've always thought that a woman isn't ever more feminine than on her wedding day.  I know some people think its a woman being pregnant, an others think its when she's having sex.. but there is just something so wonderfully feminine about dressing up in white, telling an official that you will obey your husband, and then being carried over the threshold to submit to your husband that gets my engines roaring.

Yeah yeah... most weddings now drop the 'obey' part, and very few wives will think what they are doing is 'submitting' to their husband, but no one said my fantasy has to match anyone elses reality!  But even in modern times where most women go around wearing Jeans and T-Shirts, their wedding day is a celebration of their femininity.

Now oddly enough, most of my feminizing fantasies revolve around 'me' or the heroine being forced to act like a woman against their will.  But for one reason or another, my wedding fantasy almost always revolves around being stuck in a body that is acting out everything while I'm just a passenger.  Maybe its because I can't really imagine being THAT feminine... being so good that I could fool anybody.  Whatever the reason is, this is probably as close as I've ever come to spelling out my own 'fantasy' wedding.  Once I got the magic transformation out of the way, the story just flowed out of me effortlessly.

The design was easy enough, but once I had the text in place something seemed off.  It took me a bit to realize that the image was just to sharp.  Here is what it looked like before I gave it that wedding glow:

It's not that this is 'bad'... it's just not as good as I wanted it to be.  I think I've done this effect before, but just in case I haven't explained it here, I'll go over it again.

To get that 'glow' what I'm really doing is merging a blurred image over the sharp one.  I copy the photo layer in Photoshop and apply a Gaussian blur.  It's a BIG blur:

Once I have it blurred out, I just reduce the opacity until I can see the sharp image shine through it.  In this case the opacity was at an even 50%.  I actually learned this technique from a wedding photographer.  Before the days of Photoshop and even digital imaging, the photographer would put a piece of cellophane (in this photographers case, he would use the clear wrapper from around a pack of cigarettes) in front of the camera's lens.  Both methods result in that nice glowing effect that I now always associate with wedding pictures.


  1. I hadn't heard of that trick, but it probably works better than that whole vaseline thing they used to use for the television show Dynasty.

    You had me until i read "Stroke" then I was kind of, "huh?" That was a bit of a buzzkill for a wedding and honeymoon caption. Perhaps something nicer like "called away to help tsunami victims, will be back in a few months?"

    1. The vaseline trick is nice because you have more control, and can actually make some patterns if you are good enough. With the cellophane its basically there or not.

      As for the stroke, I wanted something that would leave no doubt that she would be 'out' for awhile. A little dark? Yea... but that's kinda where it was heading anyway. :)

  2. I'm wondering how femme that necklace makes him, will he be a sweet and sexy housewife?

    Sexy Caption sweetie! ^_^

    1. I'm sure with Vicki's long recovery he'll have time to find out!