Saturday, May 5, 2012

LtSL: Bonding

Ahhh... to worship your mistress!

Just another fun glimpse into the Sissy Life.

This was almost my first vertical LtSL cap, but the photo is at such an extreme angle that it works both vertically and horizontally.  And since the text box fit better in this layout, I went ahead and stayed with this.


  1. Its a hot advice colum! Now how about a how to cap?

  2. Hello, Caitlyn. I really, really, really enjoyed your two-part story called "Living Sissy Life". In fact, I love it so much I'm hoping you'll make a TG Tales-kind of video of it. It needn't be full-length. 25 minutes for each episode should be adequate enough. That would make the 2 episodes, when viewed together, just 50 minutes when watched in the correct order. This is just a suggestion. You don't have to mske such a video, it just struck me that if you're talented enough to make captions, then surely you are talented enough to create such short TG videos?

  3. So, I can assure you, that every sissy craves worshiping her mistress' pussy, a nd even more so after she has been fucked by one of her lovers. Cleaning a man's sperm out of your wife's pussy is the ultimate in sissy submission.

    Great cap!