Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hypnotic Therapy

 It's just a popsicle... its just a popsicle...

So for now I'm caught up with my debt at the Haven, but I had the urge to cap.   I do have a request from Danielle so I started looking for an image.  The main thing that I was looking for was a brunette, but when I came across this image I just HAD to cap it.

The blank distant stare just screamed 'hypnotism'.  Now normally when I write hypnotism stories, I try to stick to what I think of as a realistic scenario, but I didn't want to do any research or really think to much about this.  I wanted to get in, cap, and get out.  For all I know this might be possible.  Tricking someone into thinking they are doing something while they are in fact doing something else... like thinking they are driving when they're really just sitting on the couch... but I don't know.

Plus I don't think hypnotism could be used to hide someone from the fact they they are looking more and more feminine.  But reality doesn't belong in this cap.  It's just a 'oh hey that looks like it might be fun/funny'.

Writing it was easy enough, and the design isn't anything special.... the pure definition of a quicky.  Enjoy!


  1. Very hawt! I love the picture, I love the story! I really enjoyed getting a peak into his mind before they reveal they are going to show him what he's been doing all of this time.

    A quickie with bite!

  2. Agreed! Great photo/cap combo!

  3. I can confirm that with the right subject, all that was included in the caption is possible. It can actually be easier to substitute an experience for another similar to it than to completely remove the memory of it.

    Keep in mind that this sort of thing would only work for a very susceptible subject or one who already has some curiosity of being feminized already.

  4. The caption worked so well looking at the picture.

    Thank you for all your efforts. I appreciate them all

  5. Very sexy. I love the mind control/hypnosis theme.

  6. Next, s/he finds out what the "Clean mind clean body" enema routine really was....