Tuesday, May 1, 2012

LtSL: Reading

Even sissies need to read!

Just a fun quick Sissy Life cap.

To be honest, reading has been on my mind lately.  I mentioned in "Smoking Sucks"  that I was wanting to get Stephen King's new book.  Well I finally got paid and had a little money so I wandered over to the local Walden Books to pick it up.  I find out to my dismay that the store closed.  I can't blame them, as I hadn't been there in so long that not only had they closed, but a new store was up and running in its place.  I think the last time I went there was about 2 years ago.

And it didn't matter all that much... there is another book store in the other mall, plus a family owned bookstore down town (not to mention all the stores that also sell books like Walmart, Meijer and Target...).  So the next day I went down to the other mall.... and found that book store closed as well.  I went down town, and found out that the mom and pop shop don't carry new hard covers any more (to expensive to keep on the shelf), and really specialize in used books, paperbacks, and locating hard to find books.  They could order it for me, but it would cost just over $20, and take a couple weeks.  I DO want to support my local stores, but Amazon can get it to me in less than a week for under $20 (including shipping).

Before heading online, I went to several stores looking for the book, but everyone was sold out.  Oh they had dozens of copies of 'The Hunger Games', but no SK.

Amazon should have it on my doorstep on Thursday.

I guess the part I hate is thinking that for new hard cover books, my town no doesn't have a book store.  Our stores weren't big anyway, but you could count on them having the new books, as well as a good collection of older books.  When I wanted to pick up the first few 'Dresden Files' books, I found them at Waldens.  Does it say that people in my town just don't read that much?  Or is it all those people with those eReaders buying books digitally?

By they way... did I mention that I love my Kindle?  Yea, I do most of my reading that way now.  The only books I buy physically now are ones that I want to collect.   I have almost all of SK's major releases in first editions (maybe 8 or 9 of his earlier works I just can't afford, but even those I have in some hardcover form).  So naturally when he puts out a book, I want to buy it in the store quick.  First edition doesn't mean much now (I think the first edition of this book is about half a million), but it's still important to me.

New authors?  Kindle.  Re reading old stories where I've lost the book?  Kindle.  Established authors that I don't particularly collect?  Kindle.  I read them on the Kindle itself, on my computer, and on my tablet. When I eventually get a good android smart phone, I'll probably read it on that too.

So.. I guess I'm partially to blame for letting my local bookstores die.  I just hope the Barnes and Noble the next town over doesn't close.


  1. I absolutely love reading and always have. I really don't read often enough anymore though. In fact still haven't gotten around to reading towers of midnight. Its always a shame to hear about book stores closing, but I doubt that e-readers will ever completely replace paper books. There's just something about holding the book in your hands, turning the pages, I personally wouldn't want to givethat up. Mmm and the smell of a new book too.

    I would love to read some of that sissy literature! It sound absolutely lovely. Even the picture books for bimbos!

  2. I cannot tell you how much I love these captions you've put together on sissies Caitlyn! They are sissylicious!

    Smooch smooch!