Friday, May 25, 2012

[Question] do you feminize guys?

I do... just not in the way you probably mean.

do you feminize guys?

The quick answer to this is sadly no.

I don't believe I have the correct psychological nor physical skills to feminize a man.  Physically I don't know what it takes.  I do have a vague understanding of some body shaping clothes and even some sites online where you can purchase them... but I've never tried them out myself, let alone tried them on another person.  And while I know enough about makeup to write about it, I've never put any on myself.

And then there is the psychological part. You see while I'm open minded and respectful of just about anybody's life choices, I don't actually WANT to be feminized myself.  The fantasy of mine is that it is forced upon me.  So when I think about doing this to another person, I slide it into my fantasy.... in other words I think of forcing some man to be feminized against his will.  While my fantasies are dark and often involve humiliation... I don't think I could do that to another person.

The closest I can get to feminizing guys is through my caps.  I can close my eyes and mentally picture a scenario of making a guy over into a woman, and through the use of photos, design, and prose (well don't I just think highly of myself..... prose indeed!), I can take a man and make him over into a feminized little sissy, a full fledged woman, or even a sex goddess.

If you really want to be feminized (not fantasy style, but really made over into a woman), there are plenty of sites that go over the skills necessaary like picking out the clothes, walking in heels, obscuring the masculine parts of your body, picking and wearing appropriate makeup, and using body language to convey a feminine attitude.

If you really want to be feminized in the fantasy mistress/sissyslave style... well there's sites for that too.  I'm not nearly as familiar with them as again I've never explored having my fantasy realized.  Some sites are free, or you can get a 'pro' to walk you through the process... but you'll generally pay for that privilege.

I'd normally list off some sites for the both the fantasy and non fantasy versions... but honesty I don't know the sites well enough to make an honest recommendation.   I'd just be doing a google search and listing what I found.  If you want the actual sites... go ahead and explore.

And purely as a fantasy portion:

Why yes my precious, I do feminize guys  I've implemented my magic skills through my caps.  All you have to do is purchase some lipstick, panties, stockings and heels.   Strip naked and put all of these items on.  Masturbate and save your cum in a glass.  Then begin reading all of my caps.  Whenever any of these items are mentioned (lipstick, panties, stockings and/or heels) you simply have to stop, rub on your little sissy clitty with a single finger, and touch the mentioned item with your other hand.  Whenever cum is mentioned you simply have to take a taste of your reserved cum. 

You MAY NOT cum again while doing this.  If you do, you have to save it, and then start completely over.  By the time you finish reading all of the caps you will be completely feminized and ready to go out and find a real man to become your master. If you want a Mistress instead of a Master.... well tough... my magic, my rules!  

Again.. just a fantasy.  By all means, read the caps dressed any way you want and enjoy yourself while doing so, but you will not end up as a woman when finished!

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  1. Your fantasy write up is very good indeed. You can do it! ;-)