Tuesday, May 8, 2012

[Question] Can you make a caption with...?

Cum on Eileen indeed!
Can you make a caption with cum in it?

This is a question from Jammie.  The short answer?  Yes.

I'll admit that I don't often make cum a major plot point of my caps, but it is often there in the story.  I think the main reason I don't focus on it more, is that I like the slow build up to the sex act itself.  The pinnacle of our heroine's humiliating journey is wrapping her lips around her man's cock, or spreading her legs and letting her man shove in.  The cum itself is just the final part of that pinnacle, and I often want the reader to slip in their own feelings.  So... I don't get to that part all that often.

Another thing is that I don't often come across photos with cum in it that I really like.  And when I do, there is often a photo without cum in it from the same photo set that I like MORE.  For instance, the image that I used for this post originally looked like this:

Very sexy image.  Nice lighting, great expression, realistic amount and consistency of cum, and good cropping.  I could make a cap based off of this.  But.... out of this image set I would probably make caps out of these other images:

I believe that these images all give me a better 'story' to work from.  So even though I have a good 'cum' image, I still probably wouldn't use it.  

That being said, I will make a cap with cum in it soon.  I owe both Geofrey and Realfield caps and they might involve cum.  If I don't use cum in them, I'll make one specifically for the purpose of making you happy.  

In the meantime, please enjoy these previous cum containing caps that I've done this year:

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