Sunday, May 20, 2012

[Question] you could make a cap of mine?

Or is that cum again?
you could make a cap of mine?

This question comes in from FetishDollTT.  Sadly this is all of the question submitted.  In a sarcastic way I guess I can answer that with 'Yes'.  Because yes, I could make a cap of yours.

But with no further information I have no idea if you'd like the cap or not.  In fact, I have with no other guidance, I can simply say that any cap is made for you and call it a success!

I don't mind getting requests for caps.  I find it kind of sweet that people like my caps enough to want one for themselves.  But I need some direction to go with.  Since this is about requests coming in here instead of at the Haven, I'm going to lay out what I would idealy want.

I would like your name.
No, this doesn't have to be your real name... but unless you are fine with me calling you Bob as a man and Gabby as a woman (or whatever other random names I come up with) you might want to include the names you like.  Trust me... I like a lot of caps, but when I read about 'Calvin' and 'Caitlyn', it becomes so much better!

I would like your preferences on rating.  
This isn't entirely necessary, but it does alleviate some of my worrying.  I like making caps in the PG-13 to XXX range.  But if you absolutely don't want anything above an R, you had better let me know.  And if you particularly want a 'smutty' caption don't just assume that I'll make it that way unless you request it that way.

I would like to know if you have a particular fantasy.
This could be as simple as wanting your girlfriend to be the agent of change, to very specific wants.  I know this can be a double edged sword... the more specific you write it out for me, the less surprised you are going to be.  But at the same time it's also the likeliest way to make sure you like it.

I would like to know if something is off limits.
This is a biggie.  I don't mind exploring new ground, or helping others explore new ground, but if you absolutely don't want any male genitalia in your cap you had better let me know.  If you absolutely don't want shemales/crossdressing/leather/bondage/pain/humiliation/happiness/kittens/SRU/Magic/Whatever in your cap, you had better let me know, otherwise it just might show up.

I think that about covers it.

And I'm not directing this solely to FetishDollTT.  This goes out to anyone that wants me to make a cap for them that aren't on the Haven.  If you ARE on the haven... well hey just institute a trade.   Make me a cap, and I'll be sure to make you one back following your preferences there!


  1. I would would love to take you up on your generous offer Caitlyn, but first I want to be a little more specific about why I love your captions...
    #1 The pictures,your pictures are manipulated so well that they always look as they were specifically made for the caption.
    #2 The captions, you are such a good writer that your captions are not only error-free, but your writing flows and clearly translates the subtleties of each situation.
    #3 You seem very down to earth and to have a genuine feel for your audience.
    Thank You Again,

    1. I really appreciate you saying that Danielle. I should say that I actually only rarely do more than minor manipulations to the photos. Most of it is just playing with the color, or cropping the images. Occasionally I'll clone out a logo or some other portion.

  2. Hmm. This post seems ripe for another one of Angel's drunken challenges. I always enjoy the caps that come out of those.

    I'm not surprised people want you to cap them. Everything you do, from the story to the image to the design is always top notch.

    1. Thank you Kyra! I always appreciate hearing this from other cap artists as I often find my own story writing lacking.