Saturday, July 25, 2015

Boy Bands

Backstreet is back?

I just wanted to live that life.  To be not only young again but ultimately popular, a young sexy symbol and rich.  What better way to word that wish than wanting to be a member of the most popular boy band.  It really didn’t matter which one I’d be part of… One Direction, Big Time Rush, or even old school Backstreet Boys.  I’d be young, sexy and wealthy! 

I guess I should have considered other markets.  Just because a band is popular in the United States, doesn’t mean it would be the most popular in the world.  And then there’s the Chinese market… one billion potential fans before they even leave their borders.   But it’s too late for worry or ruminations… I’m now Min-Hee, the newest member of Nánhái jiāng nǚhái.  China’s most popular Mandopop group!  Five… now six… Chinese boys dressing up and performing as a sexy girl group every night of the week.

source:  Google Images


  1. When I saw this was about Back street boys i thought this was going in a very different direction.

  2. Oh this could be a fun trend to play with. Boy-girl pop bands. . . .