Sunday, July 19, 2015


Can I at least get a thank you?

So can I assume with that kiss, you are both happy?  That you both just needed a little push to get past societies expectations?

Victoria, the world saw a dark haired beauty and just assumed you were after a man.  They thought your reluctance to date anybody seriously was you just being picky.  Well we both know that you weren’t looking for Mr. Right.   You were looking for Miss Right.  You were looking for the soft submissive sapphic touch of feminine love.  When I hacked your laptop and put all those links to lesbian porn, you just couldn’t get enough though.  I knew you were a lesbian, but I never would have guess that you were also a dominant.  I knew I had the prefect ‘girl’ for you when I saw your activity logs… you’d write the most elegant emails to Samuel after watching hours of women submitting to other women. 

And Sammy… the world saw a willowy swimmer and figured you were sleeping with all the ladies.  But you were just a little virgin puppy falling in love for a girl that couldn’t possibly return you amore.  When you told me you’d do anything for her… well I was there to help.  You should have seen your face when I kidnapped you and said I’d be turning you into the prefect submissive love slave.  You thought I meant for me!  No no my sweet, while I find your new long hair, full pouty lips, and delightful curves appealing, you were made into Victoria’s little plaything.    You’re a natural submissive…. hell, you were submitting to me in a couple weeks and we both know you aren’t attracted to men at all. 

So a closeted fem dominatrix and a closeted sissy slave… can I at least get a thank you?  Um… ladies… well I can see that you want some privacy so I’ll leave you love birds alone.

source: fuskator