Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Joke's On Us

It started the whole world laughing


So let me get this right Layla… Dinah says that the reason we can’t remember past a couple months ago is because she used magic to transform us into girls?  That we used to be GUYS!!?? 

Oh it gets better than that Lilith.  She says that not only were we guys… that we were straight!   That we were both making fun of her for being a lesbian and that’s why she did it.  She went on and said that it was supposed to be temporary… that we’d change back into guys once we learned our lesson.

Oh that’s good!  She’s just pissed off that we’re in love and not attracted to her at all.  GOD!  Can you imagine being some big hairy dude? 

No… but I bet even if I was I’d still be in love with you. 

Me too babe!  I’d always love you!

source: fuskator


  1. Well they still be laughing when they turn back well they still be in love with each other.?

    1. I'd imagine that when they change back it would start the whole world crying.