Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wishing Book

Shouldn't there be a wishing blog by now?

It took Rob two weeks to find Jenny’s composition book and was amazed at all the writing in it.  She actually told him the truth, just before their minds swapped and he ended up in her body.  Somehow it granted wishes.  All those wishes, in all different styles of hand writing…

… I wish someone loved me, I want to be rich, I want the recession to end, I need to be taller, I want Calvin to get a job, I wish that Mary would get straight A’s, I want the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA finals…

And the final wish in the book…. I want to swap bodies with Rob. 

Setting pen to paper, Rob didn’t pause to consider what he’d write.  I wish my vision was better so that I didn’t need to wear these thick glasses.

source:  Simone's Tumbler


  1. i sympathies with rob the glasses i wear are like bottle bottoms in thickness.
    that and hairy palms any ideas what caused them?

    1. I think that idea struck me for the same reason. I've had to wear glasses my entire life and it's an underlying thought/wish all the time... I wish I didn't have to wear them. A change like that would be massive for me!

  2. Oh I don't know about that wish. Those glasses look very sexy on her. And when she's giving her first blow job and gets sprayed all over her face with cum, those glasses are going to come in handy. LOL!!