Friday, July 10, 2015

Obscura - Recruiting Advantage

Science working for athletics!

Look, I understand you need to get recruiters for Liberty Bell University, but I’m just not the person you want or need.  We’ve all heard the stories… you have those slutty girls that take all the jocks around.  Sure they show them the library, the physics lab, and the art studio, but those studs all just want to see the stadium, the player dorms, and their recruiter get naked. 

What’s that?  You can help ‘improve’ me?  Well… I guess it’s worth a shot.  I mean with access to the advanced sciences building I could recruit the brightest and smartest athletes.  I could really impress some of them with the atomic transfigurator here.  I heard they were working on a way to transform organic material. 

HEY!  Don’t push me in here.  Stop it!  Open the damned door!  NO, don’t activate it!!!

source: fuskator

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