Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Obscura - Just Don't React

Think of manly stuff!

OK Brad, whatever you do don’t react.  Just let me kiss you and listen to what I’m saying.  It’s me… Calvin.  DON’T REACT!!  Mary did this to me… she somehow changed me into what she thought was your ideal girlfriend.  If you fall for me, the last change will take place.  I’ll mentally disappear and be replaced what she thinks is your feminine ideal.  My name will be Caitlyn, and I’ll be hot for you all the time.  I’ll be sexually adventurous and constantly horny.  All I’ll want to do is please you, and won’t balk at anything you suggest.   Don't do this to your best friend Brad!  Now just focus and don’t get turned on.  I know I look all hot, but if you don’t get turned on I’ll get my body back and we can work together to stop Mary from ever doing anything like this again. 

Wait… stop it.  STOP IT!!  Don’t move my hand to your crotch… EWWW you’re getting hard!  Focus!!  Try to think of other things.  Your Grandmother.  Baseball.  Mmm.  Think of kittens and puppies.  Ohhh.  Try thinking of manly stuff.  Big strong manly stuff.  Like Football.  You love football.  Just imagine us sitting down to watch all the games this weekend.  I could wear one of those cute cheerleader outfits, and perform during halftime!  Mmmm…. Yeah kiss me Brad!

source: fuskator


  1. love this caption lucky Brad

  2. This was an interesting take on a mental change. I can't remember too many like this one. Great work! <3