Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Support Your Friend

It's what he'd do for you!

“It’s different for you Helene.  When you were Henry I supported your wife making you over into this delicate feminine creature.  Sure, I tried to stop it at first but once you told me this is what you wanted then I did everything I could to help you along.”

“And you were so sweet Emilee.  When you were Eric, you let me cry on your shoulder and confide all my insecurities to you.  When I needed encouragement you were there.  When I needed to practice being sexy, you were there.  You even let me use your body to perfect kissing, and blowing, and making love!”

“That’s what friends are for.  I had no desire to screw my best friend, but if it’s what you wanted, then I was going to be there for you.  But if you appreciated my help, then why did your wife do this?  I thought she would give you everything you wanted?  I don’t want to be a girl!”

“She does give me everything I want you silly goose!  At first I wanted to practice being sexy around a man… but as fun as it was I just didn’t like being that kind of girl.  I wanted a soft, feminine, girly lover.   So my wife gave me one.  You!  And now I’ll get to repay your kindness… I’ll get to support your transformation into a girl too!”

source;  fuskator

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  1. I am so happy you are back Caitlyn. You really are special.