Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Nap Time

Don't sleep the day away!

So that’s it?  The spell has been cast?  There isn’t any light, or sound, or… anything? 

Nope… that’s it.  The magic is working just fine.  Now we just need to describe the perfect woman and the magic will create it.  Hey… before we get too deep, should we get Liam up?  He’s just taking a nap upstairs. 

Nah, let’s surprise him!  OK… so she should be beautiful of course.  But in an angelic kind of way. Not like a slut.

Right.  But at the same time she should have a little bit of a whorish side.  Like overly done eye makeup and styled hair. 

Perfect.  And she should be elegant.  Sophisticated ya know?

Yup.  She’d wear, like, designer bras and stockings…. Oh and silk gloves.  You know, the kind that are see through. 

Mmm Hmm… I get where you’re coming from.  We’ll worry about the other things she wears later.  What about her personality?

Oh, she’s gotta be a total ditz.  A bimbo.  But in an innocent kind of way. 

Well… how about kind of innocent.  She has to like sex.  She likes pleasuring herself and others.  She’ll do it without even thinking about it. 

I get what you mean.  The kind of girl who wouldn’t bat an eye at giving you a hand job in the theater. 

OK, so is there anything else?  Or should we go wake up Liam and find this magically created girlfriend of his? 

source:  fuskator

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