Friday, July 31, 2015

Incomplete - Complete

I was this.  Now I'm more.

No one understands my wish… they just see it as an equation.  They assume what I gave up was good and what I received was bad.  Let’s look at those equations and see how it adds up;

  • I was a man.  Now I’m a woman.
  • I used women while searching for love.  Now I let men use me while I search for love.
  • I was financially wealthy.  Now I’m economically poor.
  • I had a numerous casual relationships with so called friends.  Now I have several close friends.
  • I was focused on me, on my pleasure, on my wellbeing.  Now I’m focused on others, on their pleasure, on their wellbeing. 
  • I had political power.  I am now a political minority.
  • My soul was empty and ached for more.  The cup of my heart now overflows with my love for self and others.
  • I was confused in my own skin, always proving that I was a ‘man’.  Now I’m comfortable with both who and what I am.
  • Most around me were happy, while I wallowed secretly in my own despair.  Now I’m outrageously happy while many around me are confused by that. 

I was incomplete.  Now I’m complete.  

source:  fuskator

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