Friday, July 24, 2015

Let's Figure This Out

If we put out heads together...

All right Ben, I got over here as fast as I could.  No, no, you don’t have to convince me… I believe that this really is you and that you’ve been transformed into a beautiful woman.  I’ve read those TG caps you made and while I don’t share in your fantasies, I know what generally causes the transformations.  All we need to do is figure out what happened and then we can work on transforming you back.  So what was it?

Did you make fun of a witch and she cursed you as revenge?  No?

Did your ex-girlfriend do this to you so that she could live out her lesbian fantasy?  No? 

What about your mother…. Did she really want to have a daughter?  No?

Did you find a spell book and try to change someone else?  Ah-ha… ok, but you say it wasn’t for someone else.

What?  Yes, I think your body is incredibly sexy, but let’s focus. 

Did you try to make yourself rich?  Stronger?  More attractive?   See, we’re getting there!  So you tried to make yourself more attractive and it mistakenly thought you wanted to be a woman? 

Wha?  Umm… yes you know I think the name Bessie is cute and feminine and attractive, but don’t worry buddy we’ll make you into Ben again.  Now hush and let’s figure this out.  You found a spell book and tried to make yourself more attractive and you say it made you attractive for someone… hey can you stop rubbing your lips like that, you know how it turns me on when women do that.   In fact we should get you dressed, you know what women wearing purple lingerie and pink flowers in their hair does to me. 

Oh… you put those on yourself?  The spell didn’t do it?  Well why would you put those things on if you knew I was coming over?  I mean here you are changed into a woman to attract someone and then you dress up in a way that I find sexy?  Why are you smiling Ben… er, Bessie… we need to figure this  out and get you changed back? 

Sure, we’ve talked about that before.   I mean yes we like the same things.  And yeah, your girlfriend was always jealous that you’d rather hang out with me…. And yes I was always available because I said I’d never compromise and would wait for the perfect girl. 

But dude, lets not talk about all that right now.  We need to focus on changing you ba… why is your pretty manicured hand on my thigh?  Ben?  Bessie?  Why are you looking at me like that?

source:  fuskator

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  1. Some men really are clueless. Thankfully Bessie became a girl to set two lives straight.