Sunday, July 26, 2015

Try Before You Buy

A test run is always a good idea... right?

Redhead.  Curvy.  Elegant.  Slut.  Sensitivity.  Submissive.  Silent. 

Miles selected each of the seven keywords for his desired girl.  He had doubted that any escort company could fulfil all of his desire, but with the prices he’d seen advertised for their girls’ services it was worth listing everything he wanted.  When he saw the ‘Try before you Buy’ button Miles just figured he could sit down and talk with their prospective girls and make his final decision. 

Only when the customer service rep injected the ‘relaxation cocktail’ into his arm did Miles realize just what he was trying out.  Not an escort.  A Body suit.  The flesh colored suit was painstakingly slid up from his toes to the top of his head leaving him the redheaded curvy slutty submissive girl he had so specifically requested.    

“As you can see Mr. Ross your new Haventech Body suit includes all the options.  The sensitive settings are maxed out ensuring that smallest touch will bring mind numbing arousal.  The neural settings have been programed to enforce not only your submissive nature but nullify any action of speech.  Oh I can see the worry in your eyes… don’t worry one little red hair on your pretty head, you’ll still moan, cry, and scream like the inner slut you really are.  Now that we have your basic photos out of the way let’s give you the full bedroom experience.  Ah… here’s Tony now to take you on the tour of feminine delights!”

source: fuskator


  1. I'm sure he'll find a way to enjoy it anyway...

  2. i kind of want a full blown story on this. Should I put you in a Bodysuit Caitlyn?

    1. I'm not sure there would be enough meat here (getyourmindoutofthegutter!) to make an interesting story. Maybe if it was about his emotional journey... him finding out that he liked silent submissive girls because he really wanted to be one.

      But sadly that's not the inspiration I had. I just saw a 'Try before you guy' option on a website and that made me consider this. When I saw this image, that idea came back and I made this up.

      As for you putting me into a bodysuit.... well let's just say you wouldn't need to trick me into one!