Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Reverse Strip Poker

Can you beat a pair of queens?

Aria told us we’d have a blast playing reverse strip poker.  It was basically strip poker but instead of removing a piece of clothing when you lost, the winner would replace something on you.  At first it was simple and fun, Rob replaced Aria’s sneakers with a pair of her high heels.  When I won the next round I replaced Aria’s baggy sun dress with her tight fitting green dress.  Aria lost several more in a row and we soon had her dressed up in all her sexy gear.

The worm soon turned, however, and I couldn’t win a hand to save my life.  Aria and Rob took it to next level and kept taking turns changing out my male clothes for Aria’s clothes.  A pair of her sandals, an old blonde wig, a pink tank top, and even a pair of her daisy dukes. 

I can’t help but blush deeply when Rob says he’s going to tell all of our friends about playing Strip Poker with two ‘lovely ladies’. 

source:  fuskator 

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