Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Obscura - Words Are Lies

Your Body Always Tells The Truth

Your words are the lies Ian.  Your body always tells the truth.  You say you hate that I gave you breasts, but you use your arms to press them together and present them beautifully to me.  You say you have your full head of hair, but you spent two hours this morning washing it, drying it, and brushing it out until it shines.  You complain endlessly about having to put makeup on, but you did it four times this morning until it beautifully enhanced your feminine face.  You cry endlessly about losing your ‘manhood’, but I can smell the arousal emanating from your sweet slit all the way over here. 

Even now you lament me talking so seductively about your new tender form and yet you stay here.  You let me continue to enhance you into feminine perfection.  I just wonder how you’ll react to today’s activities.  You see today we’re done molding your body.  Now we’re going to work on training it.  Your verbal reaction will of course be ignored while I let your body tell me all I need to know.  

So tell me kitten… would you rather me ravage your new dripping pussy, or let your mouth engulf me over and over and over? 

Ahh… biting your lip eh?  Then let’s get started!

source: fuskator


  1. Great caption! I loved the concept, beautiful writing to accompany the image

  2. A great caption. your right the body never lies alas my body keeps telling me I am an out of shape chain smoker.