Monday, July 6, 2015

Obscura - Cheerleader Tryouts

Rock It Out!

HA!  Carry, might be able to change me into a girl.  She can call me Julie and do that hypno thing where I can’t remember what my boy name was.  She can give me long hair, take my cock, give me tits, and make me look so different that nobody will recognize me.  She can even blackmail me into trying out for the cheerleader squad by promising she’ll send out those photos if I don’t do it.  But at this point I’m alone in the room with the coach, and there ain’t no wait that I’ll ever end up on the sidelines with pom poms in my hands.  It just ain’t gonna happen. 

“Hello Julie… I must say that you’re wearing quite the variation on our squad’s uniform.  Did someone tell you that we were going into a punk direction this year?  I guess it doesn’t matter as you’re just the perfect girl to lead out squad this year.  You don’t even have to try out.  I’ll be expecting you right by my side all season teaching the girls how to rock it out!”

source: fuskator

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