Thursday, February 2, 2012

Break Free

Maybe one day we can all break free of our shells

So I was meandering around, looking at some images.  I didn't know if I was in the mood to cap, or not and figured if I found an image that called out, I would cap it.  But if I didn't find an image like that, I would just move on and cap later.

Well the second gallery I came across didn't just call out, it screamed at me.  To me this is one of those rare image that doesn't really need a story at all.  As such, I didn't want to write a complex story.  Sure, I could have written a complex story about how 'Alex' worked with a woman on some transformitive gel.  I could cover what they hoped to do with this gel (medical research, military uses, cosmetic changes...) and write how they needed to test it.  I could write how he had cheated on her when they were together as boy/girlfriend and how this was the perfect opportunity for her to get even.  To make him into a girl, so he could live out his life like her, searching for a man to make her happy.

I mean the image was big enough that I had plenty of room to write it.   I could have even cropped and changed the image to fit it into my older design which gave me plenty of room to write more.  But I felt it better to focus on her breaking free.  All I needed to do was establish what was happening (talk about HIM, the GEL, and his body CHANGING).  I through in the Mistress part just to hint at a why, and also to add just a bit of strife.  He didn't want this for him, he wanted this for her.

I wanted to keep the layout as simple as possible, so instead of making a border or playing with the colors, I just utilized the blank space for the story and title and called it a day.


  1. Steffimariechen's Forced Femme Caption Blog

    What an irresistable piccie :)

    Good job on NOT over-working the story, and just letting the beauty of the pic shine through!

    Awesome work :)