Thursday, February 16, 2012

[Question] need more like this--make mp3s,.& gifs like this too...

Would you really want to hear Caitlyn's voice?
caitlyn wow! learn how 2 kiss 4 valentines day is soo hot love it. dee. need more like this--make mp3s,.& gifs like this too. dee.

I'm assuming that this 'dee' isn't the Dee from "'Dee'lusions of Grandeour", but I am still appreciative of the comment and question.

So firstly, thank you for your kind words.  I wrote "Learn how to kiss for Valentine's Day" as a fun quickly so that those people coming here wanting to view my harder core caps wouldn't be disappointed that I skipped them on Valentine's Day.  There is something formulatic that I'm just beginning to understand about this type of cap that gets both a lot of views and comments like this one.  Put a guy in a situation that he thought was going to be good, make him wrong, change him (don't really go into the change, just say he was changed), and then have him perform blow job after blow job.

I can't complain... I like this style of cap too.  About the only thing I can do to reliably get more hits and views than that style of cap, is to make one for smitty.  I don't know if its just mentioning his name or what... but the caps I make for smitty are some of my highest viewed caps. But then again, the caps I made for smitty are generally the same XXX as discussed, AND involve his fans (most are caps involving The Technologist, which his fans come to read to keep up on the smittyverse.

Anyway, its satisfying in a way to make these caps.  Its the same type of satisfaction I get from reading a comic book, or playing a casual flash game.  Do I get a deep sense of accomplishment?  No.  Do I feel that I've made myself a better capper?  No.  Do I feel that I've added to the TG capping community with something new or inventive?  No.  But its still fun, and I won't deny myself or my viewers that fun.

The only question I have for you dee (not Dee, but dee) is this.  What about "Learn how to kiss for Valentine's Day" in particular made it hot for you?  Was it the picture that drew you in and caught you enough to make this comment?  Was it the holiday theme?  Was it the fact that the story was basically 'blah blah blah man now woman gives many blow jobs blah blah blah'?  Or was it something else?  The reason I ask is that I will continue to make this type of cap as I explained above... its fun.  But if I could find out what you liked about this in particular I can better copy the formula, and hopefully make more caps that you enjoy this much.

So that covers the 'wow' the 'soo hot live it' and the 'need more like this'.... that leaves the mp3s and gifs.

I can say that if you want mp3s of me reading the stories.. well that just won't happen.  First I don't have good equipment to record my voice.  The only microphone I have is on my gaming headset.  Its great for screaming out "Grenade!! Get Down!" but not great for recording the nuances of a sultry reading.  Besides... fantasy aside, I don't have a voice that anyone here would want to listen to.  I like being 'Caitlyn' as much as the next person likes being their female persona, but I don't have a voice to match it.  I've actually played around with a few voice altering programs, but none of them sounded good (at least the free trials I've played with).

If you like readings of this nature,  I would point you to Strapped in Silk.  This site has a lot of mp3s that you can listen to.  You do have to pay, but they are worth it.

Now if you are looking for a cap with a soundtrack?  Well.... I don't really make my caps with a particular song in mind.  Sure there is the rare cap like "Somebody that I used to know" where a song inspired a cap and would go nicely as an accompanying piece, but normally its not how I think.  I am far more visually stimulated than auditorily stimulated.

And that brings us down to gifs.  I think I know the type you are thinking of, where it is like a small video clip with text overlaying it telling the story.  I get kick out of those types of presentations, but to make it worth viewing, you have to severely cut either the size or the quality.  Otherwise you end up with a 20 Megabyte gif file (and yes, I've seen them that size before!).  I'm not willing to compromise on either the size or quality, so making those gifs are just out of the question too.

Besides, I find it hard to find a single image that matches what I have in mind.  I can't imagine how difficult it would be to find a video clip that showed the action and emotion I was going for.  So... sorry, I just don't think me making any type of video is in the cards.


  1. Good response!

    Thankfully you tend to do great stuff Caitlyn so don't overrate your head with numbers *giggle*

    For that matter about recording voices... well I think that anyone want to listen to somekind of porn voice or something like that, so that's out of the question. Unless you have a frisky friend or girlfriend who will enjoy to do so. Search for Princess Opala RPG Maker and you'll see (amd hear) a woman making a RPG game introducing her voice and some others in a similar style.

    Honestly, I thought about that before, but I prefer to create the voices in my head and tell the story. Just like when you read it a book.

    It's a good exercise and I don't think is too much difficult!

    And by the way... gifs that big? Where? *giggle*

    Ouh and as a final warning... if you see comments like I've seen you in yahoo news or something like that... don't respond to them and delete them. You are in peril of being treated like a SPAM blog. Make war to the spammers!!!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Nope, that wasn't me .. in fact I popped in here because I was like, "is someone pretending to be me?" But it seems like we've got another Dee floating around.

    I have been in the hospital, so I definitely haven't been looking at any captions, probably in the last 2-3 weeks.

    I know its fun to do the formulaic stuff, and yes, it tends to bump up the hit counter, but I do also enjoy when you get all experimental on our asses. I'd like to see you stay like Johnny Depp did in the late 90's .. do a mainstream thing, then something really funky and odd, rinse and repeat.

    Mp3's can be hard to do. At one point, I had an idea to raise money for the Haven of doing personalized mp3's. They'd be 1-3 minutes in length, and I was going to write the scripts (the buyers would fill in blanks, pick some 'hot points of interest' and I would craft something around it) and have a lady friend of mine record it.

    We ended up making a demo, but figured it wouldn't be worth the effort, since it'd end up being 35-50 bucks each. Considering you can get complete 30 minute erotic hypnosis mp3's for the same price from Isabella Valentine, we figured the market would be quite small for those at the Haven. We ended up going with the eZine instead (10 bucks is cheaper than 35-50 and the creation is spread amongst more Havenettes).