Monday, February 20, 2012

Morning Stretches Are About Trust

I'ts so hard to build up trust!

When I was making  "True Identity" I ran across this series of photos.  And ideas just flew through my head.  Sadly, none of them would have worked for the game Angel set up, as I needed two girls.  But I kept the series up in my browsers, so that I would be reminded of it when I finished up with that cap.  Well when I did finish up with True Identity, I was a little stuck.  I was in between being in the mood to cap more, and being in the mood to just veg out.   Vegging out won.

But when I returned to the computer, these images were there to greet me.  And even though I had already looked at them, they kept inspiring story/cap ideas.

  • I thought about a guy who owns a ballet company and his diva dancer quits before the big show.  Having no alternative he uses a gypsy (and I had a whole back story to the gypsy.. she lived in the theater, and had done so for dozens of years, and had helped make all the ballerina diva's dance perfectly) to change him into the body of his former diva so that he can dance the lead until he finds a suitable replacement.  Of course once he is in the body, he find out that the only reason the male lead stayed was the sexual favors the diva was giving him....
  • A guy sneaks in to get the autograph of a ballet dancer, but she is creeped out when she finds him outside her door listening in.  So she dresses him up as her, and has her boyfriend come over to teach him a lesson
  • A guy falls asleep at the ballet.  His girlfriend who happens to be a hypnotist whispers suggestions into his ear, giving him a very vivid dream of being a ballerina (this one wouldn't have used the hardcore images, just pictures of the ballerina)
  • A guy gets mugged in back of a theater.  He sneaks in to get cleaned up and finds his clothes stolen.  Two of the dancers tell him they'll take care of them so long as he does them a favor.  As he is in no position to argue, he agrees and gets made over to a ballet dancer, then has to 'distract' the director. 

And those are just the most thoroughly formed ideas.  I must have had about a dozen more too.  But then a song started to play.  I had just recently downloaded Oasis' "Don't Look Back In Anger" and have been enjoying it.  I really have no idea how I didn't become a fan of this song when it originally came out.  

 Now neither the video nor the lyrics were what got me going.  But the whole slow, almost regretful and yet inspirational voice got me going.  It sounds like someone going down a hard road, but determined to keep moving forward.  In TG terms, that reminds me of someone submitting to being transformed.  Its hard to give someone trust... its had to let someone 'erase' you and your sexuality, and make you into what they want.

I liked the previous ideas... but they seemed almost to obvious.  I wanted to tell a 'better' story, but still use these images.  So I thought about a 'sissy' submitting to his mistress.  He would be starting a new exercise routine, and have do morning stretches that helped be a better girl.  That included stretching out her throat (the BJ pic), and her bum (the 'splits' pic).  I liked it.. so I started writing.

At that point Mistress Simone was online and we started chatting.  I don't often like to chat while I'm creating, but I did so with Simone, and I think it really helped this cap out.  You see I had written about a half a page of 'intro' matreial, and hadn't even mentioned him being in a ballet outfit yet.  But instead of taking a cleaver to the idea, I talked about it to Simone and decided to keep it.  I would have half of every panel tell part of the 'past' and the other half would cover the 'present'.

With that in mind I finished up the story.  Again through talking about it while I was workign on it, I decided to emphasize the sissy working hard at trusting her mistress.  So I worked that into the intro, and then worked it into the present portion as well.  I didn't even have to work hard to try and match up what was going on in the 'past' to make it relevant to what was happening in the 'present'.  It fit in with very little editing on my part.

And again, I have to take my hat off to Mistress Simone.  I had the story written and was playing with the design.  I made up a color version, but started to doubt that it would work.  So I made it black and white, and even made a quick and dirty spot color version.  You see I like using the brown/tan/fleshtone colors, but I never get the feeling that it goes over well with viewers.   So I showed all three to Simone, and she encouraged me to continue on with the full color treatment.

Just to share, here are the three 'comps' I showed Simone.  You can see that I was still working on the little details.

Now that I have the whole series done, I think Simone was right... the color was definitely the way to go.

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