Wednesday, February 15, 2012

By Any Means

The Technologist is back, and has a new target!

Before you read this, I should forewarn you that this cap relies heavily on information which you wold get from other caps.  If you are up to date on Smitty (the character from smitty) and The Technologist (my own character), then go ahead and read.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then its best to go down and read my post first (specifically the 'Previous Material' section). 

So I've been playing with the idea of using 'The Technologist' again.  Smitty told me awhile back that he had use of the character in his upcoming continuation of the Smitty story line, so at first I wanted to just put him into a regular transformation story.  Just a guy using advanced technology to transform someone into a sissy. But I also wanted to put out hints of what he can do.   How grand of a scale he can work on.

I also wanted to give at least a small look into how he treats his sissies.  So initially my idea was to have him training one of his advanced sissies in the transformation arts.  He would go on and explain to his new victom how once he was transformed into a sissy, that he would love The Technologist, and that The Technologist would give him every sissy desire he could... even letting him eventually help trap and transform future sissies.

Well this has been running around the back of my head for some time.  What really threw me over the edge was Smitty's new cap "I love the way you think".  This cap utilizes the character of Smitta... and reminded me that The Technologist was looking for her (he kind of found her, but he still doesn't have her nanites).  So that could lead to the new technology, and show what he was willing to do, just to attain Smitta and her special nanites.

Now to be honest, this is more of a story.  The pictures and the sissy transformation in it, is really secondary to the story.  But I think it still works.

Now... if you aren't caught up with any of this, and want to read up on it, please read Previous Material below.  Understand... its a lot of reading.  But reading this without that is kind of like walking halfway into The Godfather Part II.  Its nice, but you would be lost.  Oh.. and understand that this is just the material relevant to "The Technologist" story line.  Smitty has a VERY long history himself. 

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Once you've read all of that, you'll come to this.  Of course there are a whole bunch of stories invovling Smitta, Smitty's previous enemies, (which can help in the climax and epilogue) and even more just about Smitty himself.  But I think if you read this list, you'll get a good idea of whats going on.

I can't thank smitty enough for creating such a wonderfully wicked world.  And I hope you enjoy this continuation.  I also hope you join me in looking forward to smitty's new series... Smitty Vs Everyone!

Almost forgot... I mentioned earlier that smitty is continuing The Technologist story.  So if this part doesn't match up with his storyline, then we'll just call it an aberration outside of the Smitty Vs Technologist universe.

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  1. This is definitely canon as far as I'm concerned. You have a keen insight into character so it always seems like your plot decisions fit perfectly. Because that is what The Technologist would do in this situation.

    Seeing The Technologist strut his stuff brought felt really natural after being away so long. As always, his detached confidence always carries such a dark undercurrent to it. They always appeal to me on the basis of story alone, but one thing I like about well developed characters, is that the subtext alone can provide the squirm factor.

    And thanks for all the praise for my Universe, but don't forget to let all your readers know that you made a huge impact to it, directly inspiring or creating a number of pivotal characters and plot lines.