Monday, February 6, 2012

Whatever it takes to Win

Some people need to win.

So I was kind of in the middle ground.  I didn't particularly want to cap, but at the same time I wasn't opposed to capping.  I didn't have any inspiration, and honestly didn't feel like looking through people's preferences to make a trade cap.

So I wandered over to the Haven's monthly capping contest.  It looks like February's contest was just getting underway and had the theme of 'Bets'.  Figuring this would be enough inspiration I headed over to and started perusing images.  I purposefully let my mind stay blank, and accepted any story that an image brought to me.  If I liked the story, I tried to twist it around to make it somehow related to a bet.  There were a few images that had basic stories come up, but I didn't think any of the stories could be manipulated enough to make it a bet.

And then this image came up.  I loved the way she is hiding her face away from the camera.  Her body positioning makes me think that she is showing off her shoes.  The story was fairly easy to come up with from there.  I liked writing up all the steps our heroine here has to go through, and couldn't help adding in a little dirty part at the end.

Overall I'm happy with it, but if I'm honest with myself I doubt it has any chance of winning.  The winner is crowned via a popular vote, and I don't think there are enough people at the Haven that really enjoy cross dressing stories for me to win.

But hey... at least I got a cap out of the experience!

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  1. You always choose fantastic images, but I really love this one. The face being hidden by the stocking really captures the weird mixture of shame at letting it go this far and pride at pulling off such a convincing transformation. Plus the fact the the caption as a whole looks great doesn't hurt, but that statement applies to pretty much every caption you make.