Monday, February 20, 2012

True Identity

Your 'True Identity' may just surprise you!

This cap was made as part of Angel's new game at Rachel's Haven called "The Fun Has Been Doubled".  The idea is to make a cap staring yourself as well as another person.  You hand off that cap to them like any other trading cap, but instead of paying you back with a cap of their own, your 'victim' pays it forward, making a cap for someoene else starting their own victim as well as them self.  Angel started the game by making a cap for me, so I had to pick someone else to cap.

I had been meaning to cap Erin for quite some time.  The only caps I've made for Erin was one of my Zulo caps called "My Slave My Master", and "Oh, But the Fire went Wild".  They were both fun to make so Erin was on my short list anyway.

When I read Erin's preferences a couple things stood out to me.  Under her dislikes "While I love a good humiliation, domination, or even slavery story, I also want to be completely changed" and under her Preferences "Domination/submission (I think of myself as a switch but playing sub REALLY pushes my buttons),"

I too like to think of myself as a switch, and one of the big button pushers is striving to be a good male dom, and then having the tables turned and find myself as a good little female slave.  So that was my basic premise... I didn't want to put to much more story into it without a picture so I wandered over to Fuskator and looked.   It's kind of a pain to look for image sets there that involve two women (after all I had to include myself in here!).  I found a lot of images that got my mind going, but they were only of one woman, or a woman and a man.  One set was really good, but it was a man and woman.  When I saw that the set was from Hustler, I put that in as a search term and stumbled upon the image used here.

And the look on the two girls' faces is PERFECT.  Seeing as I was already playing with role reversals, I figured I would spice it up by making 'Calvin' meek, and then turn into the dom girl, while Scott would be a wannabe dom, and turned into the slave girl.

I really felt that the image conveyed a lot of the emotional impact, so I tried to limit the story to just the facts. What Scott wanted, what he did to get it, why they changed, and why he looks so worried while Calvin/Caitlyn looks so happy.  Its still a little longer (wordy) than I wanted, but I didn't see anything that I was willing to do without.

Overall I'm happy with it.  Oh, and one funny little thing that I'm oddly proud of... I always find it hard to work with the color red.  I don't know why, but I almost always end up making it more burgendy or pink... this is one of the rare times that I really got a good saturated red tow work for a cap!

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