Friday, February 10, 2012

[Question] Would you be interested in exchanging links

Linking up is always nice

Would you be interested in exchanging links/banners with
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Cheryl x

Obviously this question came in from Cheryl at  For full disclosure I have visited several times and viewed a couple of their previews, but I haven't ever made a purchase from them.  I am very intrigued at their products though.  I've seen a few cross dressing videos online before.  Most of them are... bad.  Low production quality (looks like they were filmed by taping a camera phone to the wall), bad stories and bad acting.

Transia doesn't have any of these issues.  They film their videos with the quality of a professional studio, have interesting stories, and use real actors as well as real crossdressers.  Some of their recent videos include a bridal fantasy (guy peeks into his landlady getting dressed, gets caught and is forced to dress up as a bride), salesman fantasy (guy comes to sell some ladies pantyhose, and they end up forcing him to dress in his own wares), hypno fantasy (sexist guy goes for hypnotherapy and is made to dress up like a woman)... you get the idea.  They have many many films to look through, and I know several have peaked my interest.

For me personally it comes down to cash flow.  I don't have any, so its hard to buy a film even at transia's reasonable prices. But if you come here and enjoy crossdressing caps, then you should definitely head over to and peruse their wares (they even have 3D!)

But as much as I like transia and what they offer, I will not be participating in a link/banner exchange.  I'm honored to be asked, but the only links I put up on this blog, are sites that I regularly go to.  I only add blogs to my blog roll when I keep searching them out, and want to be notified when they are updated.  I only add sites to my links list that I frequently go to.  You see, one of the reasons I added these in the first place was a kind of bookmark system.  Its to help preserve my privacy on my own computer.

When I am going around the web in 'Caitlyn' mode, I use the incognito feature of Google Chrome (or the InPrivate feature in IE).  So the sites I frequent are never saved in the cache.  I don't have any bookmarks in any of my web browsers.  So this way I really only have to remember one address...   Since I don't frequently go to, I don't see a good reason to add it to my list beyond looking for traffic from their side of the exchange.

To give you an idea of how I use my blog and link lists.  When I come to my own blog, the first thing I do is log on and check out what traffic has been like.  This helps me see what is popular, and what people are viewing.  I then go down the blog list from the top, until I reach a blog that hasn't updated since I was last on (this morning that included visits to Playful Publishing, and sp2000's TG Captions.  Modern Goddess: The TG Shrine of Decadence was next on the list, but when I went there I saw that it hadn't updated since I visited last night, so I stopped checking out blogs.   Next I hit up my links... Satin Minions, and TG Comics. After I get done with any posting I want to do, I then head over to Rachel's Haven, and finally end up at DX.  These sites are last as I generally spend quite a bit of time at each.

Don't get me wrong... I LOVE having a lot of people come to visit my blog. My main source of traffic is from  They have an incredibly extensive blog roll that is ordered by recent updates.  So when I update my blog, I pop up to the top of their list.  I can see that trend in my traffic... when I post something new I get a ton of traffic that tapers off over a day or so.  But again, I don't go there that often myself, so I don't link back.  But I am not looking for traffic.  I've said before that if my viewership dropped down to almost no one, I would still make my caps and post them here.  Comments have dropped off quite a bit recently, and that doesn't slow me down.

So me not linking to (or any other quality site) has nothing to do with my opinion of their site, or of the products they produce.  I like them and think more people should go over there to buy them.  But I don't use my blog as a way to direct people to where I think they should go.


  1. I do the same thing with my blog. I link to stuff I want to check on a regular basis so they're available for easy access without having to deal with the issue of bookmarks in private browsing. Of course the traffic exchange is a nice side effect, but for the most part it's for my own convenience.

  2. I often check through my own blog roll to see what's going on as well - it helps me check on regular updated sites I enjoy. My own link lists consists of mostly non-blog sites such as communities and other places people might find of interest.

  3. I got this question too, today so I guess someone decided that It would be uber cool to ask those that have a question me place to do this ;)

    Personally, I just don't see the reason of backlinking, I don't have an interest on posting pay sites all over my blog... I'm just doing my stuff for free and that shall be it. Nor I'm going to sponsor others for it through my blog!

    And yep anything that is on my link site is whatever I would love to visit almost once a week.

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  4. You almost perfectly describe how I work, too. I created an extensive blogroll that I can scan through to see what's been updated. Like you, I was offered a chance to share links. And like you, I decline, pretty much for the same reasons.