Friday, February 3, 2012

Body Suit Instructions

Always read those pesky instructions!

While working on "She'll Learn" I came across a lot of great images that just didn't work for the 'husband turned into a daughter' style story line.  When I finished posting it, I went back to see if any of these fine images sparked a story, now that I had a fully open mind.

Much like the image that got me to make "She'll Learn"  I found an image that didn't exactly inspire a story, but just kept me staring at it:

I honestly had no idea why this woman was using that toy in that manner.... but man I wanted to find out!  The images in the series are all great (you can see them here) but it was the perspective in this single image that made me want to cap it.  So I sat back staring at the image and let my mind go blank.  What I saw was a woman that was frustrated, and yet needed to use this dildo.  So why would she be frustrated... I mean hell that looks pretty fun to me!  Obviously with the blog in mind she used to be a man... but that still looks fun.  So he would be frustrated because... he needed to use that dildo to turn back into a man... but he couldn't orgasm while doing it?.

Now I'm not a fan of the stories that say 'if I get cum in me the spell becomes permenant'.  Yes, I've used it a few times, but I've always tried to make a reason why it was true.  And those reasons normally were more technological.  Like the cum would short something out, or the orgasm would cause the system to overload. So while I still felt it was a bit of a cop out, I still thought that this general idea would work.  It does explain why she seems pleased and frustrated at the same time.

The easiest way to get this tech feel was with a body suit.  But if she couldn't orgasm why would she be using the dildo?  In fact why couldn't she orgasm?  I mean in a world where a body suit can make you into this beautiful of a woman, I bet sex would be a big part of it.

When I thought of that last part, it all fell into place.  Yes, you could have sex, and yes you could even orgasm.  But the nerual connections to let you feel these things couldn't remain permanent.  So that sets a deadline.  And of course you wouldn't want your suit coming off accidentally... so why not make the 'removal tool' have to hit up inside your pussy?

I liked it, so I began to write, and even had a working title.  I figured "Read the instructions first" would work.  Sadly I had already used the title in this cap.  Anyway... changing a title wasn't a problem.  The fact that I wrote almost a full page WAS the problem.  I wanted the design to be simple so that you could focus on the image.  So I just pulled up another image in the series that worked (she does look like she is reminiscing right?) and thankfully I could fit most of the story there.

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  1. Those pesky bodysuits! When will the research advance to allow for safe removal? Good thing for us cappers, they haven't figured it out. Lovely lovely cap!