Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alpha School for Wayward Girls

It's good to get accepted into the program!

So realfield made me a delicious little caption recently.  As I mentioned in "Lessons on how to be an Alpha Male" realfield has turned me on to the idea's of the Alpha Male.  And now that I'm interested, I seem to be seeing it everywhere.  I even read a story recently on fictionmania, about a guy going to an Alpha school, but being made into the Alpha's sissy.  So to repay realfield back, I dipped my feet back into the Alpha pool.

I borrowed the idea of a school, but tried to give a more internal reason for him to stay there, rather than him being trapped.  And I tried to show how the school and training would match up with realfields preference of "I like a good hard alpha male crushing another man's will into a fine powder until all that's left is a devoted and submissive bimbo serving at his feet".

I actually found these images yesterday, but just ran out of time to cap it.  Thankfully the basic idea remained strong with me today, and I when I jumped in, I was able to write it up fairly quickly.  About the only thing I regret is that I don't feel that I hit the 'crushing another mans will into a fine powder' fetish quite as hard as I intended.  But then again... having to sleep next to a guy built like a shit brick house, and spending every morning cleaning up men like that would be pretty crushing to the 'ole male ego.

What really caught my attention to these two particular images was the pose in the second panel.  I just felt like she was wistfully thinking of that cock in betwen her legs as her own.

While I was making this cap, I had a recently purchased song playing in the background.  I don't know the lyrics, but it gave me a that feeling of Tiffany's training moving on slowly but surely, killing all that is Steven, and leaving only Tiffany.

The song probably doesn't 'go' with the cap, but it helped me write it out a lot!

Anyway... I think realfield will like it.  I hope everyone else does as well!


  1. Mmm such a juicy tale. The faculty at Alphas certainly are thorough in their training. I'm not sure if Tiffany's will wa crushed, maybe eroded would be a better description. Still, there's certainly nothing but a submissive bimbo left inside her.

  2. If school was like this when I was a kid - I'd have paid attention more in school :p HAWT!

  3. I love reading these "behind the scenes" entries that accompany the posts. Love reading how you came to create this cap. Glad I can inspire and yes, you properly crushed, eroded, pulverized, and otherwise vaporized poor Stevie's will and Tiffany couldn't be happier for it.