Friday, April 13, 2012

I Can't Freaking Win!

Wishes (and Martha) Gone Bad.

So Martha made me a thank you cap recently.  It was supposed to be in thanks of me proof reading some of her caps.  But I honestly don't mind proof reading her caps as its mostly spell checking and fixing a few phrases since Martha is a native German speaker.  I also don't accept gifts all that well, so naturally I wanted to make her a return cap.

Now I've capped Martha enough to know several tings that she likes.  She likes more amateur photos, she loves more of a slice of life where a guy is suddenly in a woman's body, and particularly loves the Great Shift Universe.

So while perusing some photos, I kept all of that in mind.  When I came upon this image... well I laughed out loud.  And kept laughing as I thought of a funny little TG scene for the image.  A guy's friends are screwing around with him, and give him unlimited wishes that all go wrong.  He somehow ends up outside of his apartment and is begging the guys to be let back in.   But to do so he has to wish himself bigger breasts....

Maybe is the juvenile in me just wanting to get out, but I thought that was pretty damn funny. I can picture it as a Dee caption (of course she would wrap this up in about a dozen words!).   Now the idea doesn't exactly fit Martha's preferences, but I know she likes to laugh.  So I figured since I've already done several GS caps for her, that she might enjoy a change of pace.

I saved the image and quickly wrote out the story.  I wanted it to be just one half of the conversation so that some of the jokes would take a little longer as the reader figures out who she is talking to and what they are saying.

I also wanted the story to really stand out, along with the photo, so I purposefully didn't over play the design.  Just a nice simple monochromatic background, similarly colored text boxes, and dark colored text.   I even broke the story up so that you would constantly run your eyes over the photo going from box to box.

I'm pretty sure that Martha will get a kick out of it.


  1. Love the layout and image selection, but more I love the amusement of her wishes just taking her further and further from where she actually wants to be. Awesome!

  2. That was a very nice cap Caitlyn. :) Yes those spells can be pretty tricky. Usually they just leave you a woman with huge tits and an urge for men, but look at me ... I topped it all when it comes to bad luck and spells. :-P

    Thanks for the cap. Well done